I often think that effective personalization comes from the user feeling they are receiving highly relevant content, available when they want it – rather than some kind of superficial ‘reskinning’ of a portal or browser. There are tremendous opportunities for many sectors of the media industry who are willing to consider the true value of trusted personalization and giving the viewer much more of a tailored experience – given them access to their niche.

There are still those in the industry who say that most viewers will simply watch what they are given – we will continue to make reality more extreme and risky, deliver movies that are more violent and pornographic, “just look at the ratings…advertisers are bashing down our doors” – is this the case.

The television bureau of advertising in the states said that TV advertising in 2005 will be flat, no increase. Compare that with InteractiveTV Advertising which will increase to $2.6 billion in 2006 (according to eMarketer). With the advent of IPTV over broadband networks the landscape is going to change very quickly, advertising and programs themselves will need to evolve into attractive packages of content, heavily branded, meta tagged with relevance for larger sections of the highly fragmented audience.

What do you think?

Posted by: © Gary Hayes 2005