Having just been a juror on the First International Interactive Emmy Awards from the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (looking forward to joining in with the ceremony in Cannes next month, and blogging from there!) – it is heart warming to see something even more unique on the red carpet circuit. The National Television Academy are now offering an award for (‘interactive’ perhaps) content delivered on non-traditional platforms…

a new category of the Emmy Award for original programming created specifically for non-traditional viewing platforms, including computer, mobile phone, iPods, PDAs and similar devices. It will be given in recognition of creativity in editorial content and video production.

I often say that a sign of maturity is awards that are set-up in an altruistic manner like this (vs those set-up often by the eventual winners – no names mentioned, you know who you are). They are officially called the EMMY AWARD FOR OUTSTAINDING CONTENT DISTRIBUTED VIA NON-TRADITIONAL DELIVERY PLATFORMS – notice how outstanding is spelt wrong on the website – people make mistakes – thats the wonderful world of cross-media entertainment for you!

This will mark the first time the National Television Academy has recognized original programming first distributed on new media platforms. “Consumers have the capability of seeing television anywhere, anytime,” says Peter Price, President/CEO, National Television Academy. “And as the technology continues to develop, it will be content – news, sports and entertainment programming — that drive consumer demand

This award really is a new kid on the block and unlike the Emmy for general interactive I first mentioned which has its own ceremony, this one is being squeezed in other general Daytime and Sports Emmy events – but it is a ‘real’ start. Having been involved in cross-media and non-traditional (read, immature and a real pain to get working correctly) production for a long time – the effort in making something that exists across platforms is often multiplied many time. Like any complex service it is great that hard work and hopefully innovation will be effectively ‘gong’ed’.

Posted by Gary Hayes ©2006