This is the first of a stunning line of posts on conferences of relevance and substance in a new category for personalize media, wait for it, events.

Back to that global conciousness thing – seems that there is a groundswell of interest in the old personalization space. A conference coming up in November 9-11 in San Jose called Making Media Meaningful is packed full of great speakers and mouthwatering topics (well if your into this sort of stuff – otherwise very geeky indeed). This is what you are promised:

* Hear from 40+ companies discussing the future of digital media and distribution
* Gain a better understanding of the changing business models in this market
* Understand how personalized content is affecting advertising models
* Learn which consumer segments are most interested in expanded digital services at home
* Examine the market potential for personalized services for consumers
* Meet Fall Focus corporate sponsors and supporting media

CEOs, personalization execs and media sampling leaders within most of the major players are attending including Yahoo! Entertainment, TiVo, NDS, Intel, Adobe, Akimbo, RealNetworks, Gotuit and more are speaking on well chosen topics. I do hope this goes beyond the usual mix of web on one side and rich media on the other – lets hope we hear a lot about the middle ground where TV and web meet (no! not IPTV either). Some of the topics of the panels below…

– Consumer Segments in the Digital Age: Strategy and Demand
– Snapshot: A Picture of the Media Landscape
– The “Eyes” Have It: Video Content on Consumers’ Terms
– The Needle in the Haystack: Helping Consumers Find Meaningful Content
– Marketing in a PVR Age
– Pumping up the Volume: Trends in On-demand and Interactive Audio Applications
– The Consumer as Content Distributor
– Enhancing the Television Experience via Interactivity
– Rewind and Fast-Forward: What’s Next for the Industry?
– Content at Consumers’ Fingertips: The Role of Portable Platforms and Services
– Tuning In but Turning Off: How to Advertise in the Digital Age

Sounds great! Well done Parks Associates – if you can afford it, highly recommended.

Posted by Gary Hayes © 2005