A great article from Teckrati entitled “The Personal Internet Will Subsume Mobile Internet Assumptions” that talks about a new paradigm, that of the personalized internet, particularly from a mobile perspective. As we know mobile devices at the moment are the most personal in that they ‘live’ with you and contain most of your personal information – friends, family contacts and more recently intimate digital photos and video. The Shosteck group who have published the 140 report “The Portal Wars: Where Next for the Mobile Internet? The Emergence of the Personal Internet.” – press all the right ‘personalizemedia’ buttons.

“The beauty and simplicity of the term Personal Internet comes from its literal definition, personal: particular to a given individual, of intimate nature, and Internet: interconnected networks, access to infinite content. We believe that says it all,” states Jane Zweig, Chief Executive Officer of The Shosteck Group.
In this new paradigm, users will have greater control over their ability to access, store and interact with content, devices and services. This will be facilitated by the availability of new service capabilities, including the Personal Service Portal. The Personal Service Portal will provide a variety of services which have three key attributes:
* On-demand: combination of storage on local device or the network as well as broadcast capability
* Relevant: right time, right place, right price
* Interactive: a more engaging and immersive experience

Those last three points are key to future services. What you want, when you want and delivered in a way that is most resonant and compelling for you. The report also brings forward key enablers such as standardisation as one way mobile and other cross-media entertainment can be made to be interoperable with each other – so that primarily your profile and likes and dislikes are not locked into hundreds of wall-gardens – your Amazon can talk to your iTunes can talk to your eBay can talk to your delicious can talk to your various mall shopping loyalty cards etc: See my next post on how this revolution of interoperable personalization could be tarnished by the wrong approach. Shosteck see the future of personalization as a battleground, a fight between media companies and the distributors – who owns the content and who owns how it gets to the right consumers is obviously the reasoning behind the ‘war’

Before the Personal Internet can be realized, the ongoing war to capture customer revenues will continue to be fought but with new players joining the fight.
“This is in fact a War of the Worlds — primarily a war between the telecoms and media worlds. It is a war in which alliances with potential competitors are likely. Some alliances will be long lasting; others will not. The prize for mobile operators is no longer just communications revenues,” stated Ms. Zweig. “It is also rapidly growing e-commerce and e-entertainment revenues from the on-line purchase of tangible and digital goods and services in addition to revenues from sales of handheld devices – the physical means through which these services are consumed,” she continued.

As stated alliances and standardisation are the only way forward. One hopes that the battle will not be long and bloody as the demand for transparent and easy ways for consumers to find and distribute relevance across their personal and commercial media is already upon us – lets try to make sure we do not dis-enfranchise but empower.

Posted by Gary Hayes ©2006