LATEST: Dutch Treat: Personal Database – 07:36 AM Sep. 15, 2005 PT
The Dutch government will begin tracking every citizen from cradle to grave in a single database, opening a personal electronic dossier for every child at birth with health and family data, and eventually adding school and police records…the new database will begin Jan. 1, 2007. Wired

Let’s see, combine this with implanted RFID chips tracking daily movements, the same system recording every piece of media consumed/created, food eaten, places visited, every item clicked on the web by that person et voila! – a rich database from which to provide very targeted sorry, recommended personalized content – NO, NO – wake up! this a nightmare, Orwellian Trojan Horse. The Dutch brought us Big Brother and a range of other staggeringly ‘invasive’ reality shows – please, please Holland do not try to export this ‘reality…’!

Its getting late – perhaps this really is a nightmare, ‘waking life’. Will rise in the morning and delete this post if it is 😳

Posted by Gary Hayes ©2005