I imagine many readers of this (excuse me – these are all trial posts so just warming up some of the language ;0) – I will continue, old (;-) readers of this blog will have read some of Mark Thompsons (the Director G of the BBC) speech a couple of weeks ago at the Edinburgh TV Festival. You can read the whole thing here but I was particularly inspired by the following:

This decade will be the decade of on-demand. And we will arrive at a digital Britain not when we switch analogue terrestrial TV to digital – though that’s important as well of course – but when every household has access to rich and interactive on demand services.

Apart from the almost Churchillian nature of the sentence (we shall have broadband on the beaches) it is the speed of progress from a UK of analogue only broadcast less than 6 years ago to now speeding towards ubiquitous on-demand.

Sydney at Night © Gary HayesI have lots, oh so many more thoughts on this – just flexing my blogging muscles at this late hour.

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