As usual I feel so guilty about not blogging as much as I should – partly due to just producing so much…starting to believe the new adage that someone mentioned to me a couple of years ago – “those who don’ t produce, blog” – that might muster up a comment or two 😉

Anyway onto this little quick post which I am creating a lovely 3D graphic for for as I expand it – Augmented Reality TV. The two videos below basically say it all and please wait for a fuller commentary in the next few days. My key interests in this space are obviously running LAMP and steering its direction, Head of VWs for “The Format Factory” (linked to The Project Factory) where I am also creating and drafting several formats in this hybrid space and many public presentations, bite size one here for example and invited to talk on this topic in a few weeks in Brussels at the Cross-Media Storytelling shindig. But anyway videos speak louder than words (ish) so here goes…

TV and Story Enter Virtual Worlds – CSI today!

Virtual Worlds Enter TV and Story – Boxi, HTV7 Vietnam

BTW you really have to watch to the middle of the last one and then imagine if those avatars were being driven in real time by say Second Life users, using their own SL identities! I think the two examples above highlight in the most simple way the rich hybrid space growing as the two hemi-spheres of influence of 1) Social Network Virtual Worlds and 2) Traditional Broadcast media begin to overlap. I also love the CSI example (are they really gonna crash the grid today expecting 2 million to flood in – I hope not! ) as it fits neatly into my Cross-Media Level 3: Bridges zone. But this is about participation, participatory TV, inhabited TV and other variant, combinations. This has far more significance than the SL Big Brother I blogged extensively about last year, which was really a Virtual World clone of the TV one. This new form is drawing large numbers of audiences onto shared screens and into virtual spaces creating a great combination of non-passive immersion.

More to come and a lovely 3D diagram naturally 😉 Finally a couple more trailers for the CSI in Second Life show

and a shorter version

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