Mechelen Gary HayesJust arrived in Mechelen, a lovely Belgium historical centre going back to 1200 or so (photo left just taken by me, ten minutes ago!). After the usual gruelling 21+ hour flight from Sydney to Europe I had lunch with Annet Daems (who is running the conference) and we are both ready for two days of great panels looking at topics ranging from the truth about experience design, cross-media business models, mixed-reality, new forms of democratised and converged journalism, social networks, personalisation, new x-media technologies and marketing and all keeping focussed on the topic of cross-media storytelling. I will be looking at the cross-media learnings from LAMP, AFI and BBC and looking forward to mixed-media cross-reality. I will be using various media journey and ‘form’ diagrams and making reference to my recent wikipedia entries on cross-media and story environments.

Cross-media Storytelling 2007 is an essential presentation and round-up of outreach efforts in Cross-media for journalism, entertainment and marketing communication. At the conference the current state of cross-media storytelling is explored by focusing on media and audience analysis, user experience, information/communication models and strategies, interactive information scenarios, all in close relation to new editing, broadcasting, communication and advertising technologies.

The full programme is listed below:

Friday November 23 2007 08:30 Registration 09:00 Coffee/Refreshments 09:30 – 11:00 Media usage, State of the Art Chair: Yves Punie. Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), EC (DG JRC) based in Seville * “Understanding the impact of word-of-mouse. A new approach of measuring buzz ” By: Christophe Vergult. Insites * “Facts & Figures of media usage, of the online, print and broadcasting industry” By: Piet Bakker. Professor at the Research Centre for Communication & Journalism Hogeschool Utrecht * “Cross-media news consumption in the restructured public broadcasting company” By: Hans Laroes. Head of News at NOS (Dutch public broadcasting institution) * Discussion and round-up BREAK 11:30 – 13:00 Who are the users? Chair: Geoffroy Patriarch. Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis and chair member of ECREA * “Transmediation: rethinking dynamic design for co-creation” By: Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira, IPE (Research centre in interactivity, Personalization & Experience) Bournemouth University. * “Cross-Reality Mixed-Media, What Audiences Want” By: Gary Hayes. Director of the Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP), Sydney, (Australia) * “The myths of media participation” By: Nico Carpentier. University of Brussels, VUB, KUB and FUSL (Belgium), chair member of ECREA * Discussion and round-up 13:30 LUNCH 14:30 – 16:00 Mixing content and interactivity for successful marketing Chair: Karin De Bruyn. Communication and Business Development Manager of These Days * “Live Earth Campaign” By: Kris Hoet. EMEA Marketing Manager, EMEA Consumer Marketing, Microsoft Online Services Group “The online business. Making money on the internet is easy” By: Jan ‘t Hart. Assistent editor in chief of “De Volkskrant” (Dutch national print and online newspaper) “ Enhancing Storytelling as a Cross-media facilitator” * By: Edwin Hardy, Sales Director Telenet Media, Telenet * Discussion and round-up BREAK 16:30 – 18:00 Storytelling for Brands Chair: Annet Daems. Coordinator Media expertise centrum (Mec), lecturer at the Journalism Department of University College Mechelen (KHM) * “Once upon a time, when Madison met Vine….” By: Erwin Jansen. Managing partner & business development Manager of These Days * “Community web television for the bank company Monte dei Paschi” By: David Rossi. Communication department manager of Monte dei Paschi di Siena * “Happy At Work (Radio Donna, Randstad and Caipirinia), a new brand for job providers and job holders.” By: Karl De Bisschop. Manager of Caipirinia * Discussion and round-up Best practices for cross-media in journalism education led by EJTA (only for EJTA members) 18:30 Reception Saturday November 24 2007 08:30 registration 09:00 Coffee/Refreshments 09:30 Module: Changing Business Models for Publishers Chair: Michèle Mees. The House of Marketing “Out of office.” By Dirk Van Roy, General Director of Roularta Media “Why financial media are early adaptors”. By Frederik Delaplace, Editor in Chief, De Tijd/l’ Echo, MediaFin (de Persgroep) “To be defined” By Ernest Bujok, director of Avalon, the Audiovisual Department of Concentra Media nv Panel Debate Break 11:30 Module: New technologies for cross-media Chair: Nico Verplancke. Interdisciplinary institute of BroadBand Technology (IBBT) “Advertising revenues times 5: a technological answer to an economical pursuit”. By: Christophe Van Quickenborne. Development Manager at Vodtec, a Ghent University/IBBT “TV Play Along: connecting broadcast shows with online games for web and mobile” By: Jeroen Elfferich. is founder and CEO at Ex Machina “The Mobile Audiences” By: Michele Sorice. Director of the Centre for Media and Cultural Studies. University of Rome “la Sapienza” 11:30 Module: 360° Newsroom Chair: Ides Debruyne. Director of the “Fonds Pascal Decroos”, lecturer at the Journalism Department of the University College Mechelen (KHM) Why does a quite successful public broadcaster change his structure completely?” By: Jan Van Delm. Member of News desk team of VRT “Who is a journalist now?” By: Jonathan Stoneman. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) “.View of Point Different A “The English channel of Al Jazeera” By: Arthur Van der Ven, CEO of Burnie Productions, System engineering, ass. project coordination & testing Al Jazeera International (Doha Qatar for Thomson France) 14:30 Module: New Storylines for interactive narratives? Chair: Nadia Dala. Journlist, presenter, lecturer, VRT, Vitaya & Journalism Department of University College Mechelen (KHM) “storytelling in X-media and Transmedial environments” By: Stef Wouters. Creative Producer and Head of Drama at VRT(public broadcast company in Flanders), lecturer at the Journalism Department of University College Mechelen (KHM) “Cross-media in documentary series: In Europe” By: Stan Van Engelen. VPRO “Focussing on interactivity” By: Martijn Bal, VMMa 14:30 Practical Workshops Writing techniques for different media. By: the Centre for Communication and Journalism of the Hogeschool Utrecht (CCJ) Crossmedia, The dynamics and rules of the different media formats. By: the ‘School voor Journalistiek’ of the Hogeschool Utrecht 16:30 Conclusions – Reception

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