Nov 272013

I was invited to present a keynote, of sorts, at the Merging Media 2013 conference – a short and sweet two day conference featuring many great topics and good international speakers with a focus on the business/production side of multi platform but also the more usual esoteric aspects of transmedia and inherent community thinking. My talk was originally going to be a show and tell of all the new opportunities afforded to us by mobile, social & always-on networks, eye-candy with a chunk of futurist ‘my how the world is changing’ – but I decided to turn it more into a ‘what makes a compelling experience’ combined with ‘state of the industry (covered in my previous post)’ combined with a ‘process approach to creating service’, ¬†talk instead – with a little of the navigating the new landscape for good measure. So waaay too much in the time allotted, but at least this article has room to breathe ūüôā

I hope I give a flavour of the talk below. I believe Merging Media will be making videos available too – which I won’t be able to watch as I rushed the latter part :(. The first part was actually partly scripted so that made it easier to copy some of that below the slides but there is much much more afterwards with lots of embedded media, I think there is a flow in the post. Obviously the slides only tell a quarter of the story and embedded after the break, but first…

Hello and thanks for inviting me to keynote here in wonderful Vancouver. Being one quarter French Canadian I do feel a little affinity with some of you, and have enjoyed a little time exploring & capturing the environment in the two days prior to this conference. But moving on let me apologise. I have struggled hard to find an innovative new theme, any new jewels of wisdom for you to ponder and apply to your own projects. So much in the transmedia arena has been talked about, theorised and postulated as the journey has only just begun. Perhaps the journey through the presentation itself may throw up some nuggets?. The media and storytelling environment in still in major transition and I and nobody else really knows where we are going, all I can do is prepare myself and others for this change. But first:

An Organic Multiplatform Transmedia Experience?

This is where I live at the moment and where, I believe, I had a compelling multiplatform experience. It was about two weeks ago. It involved personal life and death decisions, it involved loved ones, friends who lost everything, physical exertion, quests and games, feeling part of and working with a community, rich information, lots of information, the authorities, the law, anxiety, stress, stories of loss and heroism and making profound choices.
Jan 172011

Social media is a humbling experience much of the time. For one it is a super fast barometer of many aspects of our digital persona made up partly of a) our online influence, b) what people ‘feel’ about you (sentiment) and c) who we are connected too but more recently with the introduction of Twitter Lists we now have an element of ‘labelling’ aka ‘tagging’. Like most I am not keen on being pigeon holed, filed and rubber stamped as ‘this kind’ of person or someone who only ‘thinks/creates/is involved’ in those things, but I was fascinated this morning in doing what Laurel Papworth did some months ago, looking at how others saw me based only on my Twitter activity.

I have currently been added to 700 lists (which I think is up in the top 10% or so?) –

the key of course is that these lists are created un-prompted by those they follow, they have selected ‘you’ quietly in the background to be a part of a personal filter, carefully structured by users who want a way to distill the vastness of a 140 character universe of noise, that is twitter – making lists for themselves of a few key personal influencers through to hundreds of sharing tweeters across several lists on quite broad topics, the lists themselves followed by thousands.

There were over 6.5 million twitter lists at the start of 2010 so I suspect at least double that for 2011 according to TNW and there are hundreds of tList directories on the web now such as ListAtlas that focuses on the most popular lists such as 22 000 following the @bieberarmy :: justinfollowplease list of 91 fans who “want to be followed” by JB himself or¬†¬†38 verified world leaders compiled into this list @verified :: World Leaders followed by 15 000 or so. But back to my own little world…I am not sure if the lists below represent ‘who I am’, especially as 75% of my twitter activity is sharing links, but they certainly represent areas I work in and am interested by.

… without further ado – I quickly used TextWrangler to pull out key words and broke the 700 lists (I am on) into smaller ‘categorised’ batches. This serves as a one stop shop for me to dip in and out and decide which lists I will follow and for you to possibly find ones you may find of interest.

What do your lists say about you?


  1. The most listed Tweeters on 37 lists about Transmedia
  2.!/aliciakan/transmediatweeps Teaching me a little bit more about transmedia, everyday
  4.!/matthanson/screen-bleed Media theories & futures in a multiplatform world.
  5.!/brand_candy/transmedia-storytelling People interested in transmedia storytelling
  6.!/bulldogmi/isthistransmedia A list of crossmedia, transmedia and storytelling tweets
  11.!/FilmThreat/transmedia-artists A self-updating filtered list of people I follow (generated by!/formulists)
  12.!/FLB_AlainThys/media-innovation tweets about media innovation, crossmedia, transmedia and other interesting media developments
  13.!/frank_tentler/transmedia-avangard List of Transmedia and Transmedia Storytelling Avangard on Twitter
  14.!/geoffreylong/transmedia Scholars and practitioners in transmedia.
  15.!/helloflow/worldoftransmedia all people you want to follow on transmedia storytelling!
  16.!/ivanovitch/transmedia People working in, interested in, thinking about Transmedia.
  17.!/jlsimons/transmedia TM
  18.!/KH_enthu_Ziasm/transmedia well, are you transmedia ready ?
  19.!/melaniemcbride/gaming-transmedia-10 Makers, observers, researchers and players of games/transmedia.
  21.!/nwangpr/transmedia This list follows those who are exploring new storytelling opportunities for brands and agencies.
  23.!/onceuponaword/transmedia A list of people who regularly tweet smart things on transmedia
  26.!/Pixel8studio/transmedia Stories to be told.
  27.!/pseudonymDK/transmedia Important people to follow to learn more about transmedia
  32.!/nativeshell/trans-incidental Transmedia news and peeps


  1.!/thatgreg/new-media-2 People actively changing the way media is created and ultimately consumed.


  1.!/AaronMarshall/augmented-reality Cool folks tweeting interesting things about Augmented Reality.
  3.!/Balubab/augmented-reality Augmented Reality universe
  6.!/chrisgrayson/augmented-reality-peeps People & Companies involved in Augmented Reality, as well as AR Blogs
  18.!/siyann/immersive virtual worlds, augmented reality, immersive experiences
  19.!/dromescu/ar Augmented Reality
  20.!/jlapoutre/mobile-ar Mobile Augmented Reality


  2.!/9dimension/brightside bright ppl
  3.!/owlark/interesting-people-a1 Great people: listed or interested
  4.!/InShot/thought-leadership James Grant Hay’s Thinking Out Aloud
  10.!/LMurphy140/from-far-far-away non local interesting
  13.!/MikeFreyParadux/bloggers Bloggers! Check these wonderful blogs by interesting tweeps.
  14.!/OwenKelly/people a miscellaneous assortment of interesting people
  15.!/paolonieddu/insight-and-cool-shit Links to interesting stuff

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