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Original Counter and Post from 24 Sep 2009!

August 2016  ‘Social’ Update

  • YouTube mobile videos viewed 1 billion per day Source Jul 2016
  • Photos on Instagram 95 mill daily Source Jun 16
  • Likes on Facebook 10 bill per day Source Jun 2016
  • YouTube ad revenue $4.28 bill per year Source 2015
  • Hours streamed on netflix 42.5 bill per year Source Jan 2016
  • Snapchat video views 10 bill per day Source
  • iPhones sold $150 bill per year Source 2016
  • New mobile social users 1 mill per day Source Nov 2015
  • Plus 1s on Google Plus 5 bill per day Source Nov 13
  • Money made in US from PokemonGo $1.6 mill per day Source Jul 2016
  • Messages on Facebook messenger & WhatsApp 60 bill per day Source Nov 2015
  • Likes on Instagram 4.2 bill daily Source Jun 16
  • Profiles viewed on LinkedIn 25 mill per day Source  Jan 2016
  • Photos uploaded to Facebook 400 mill per day Source Feb 2015
  • Snapchat photos shared 9000 per second Source Jan 2016
  • Google searches 100 bill per month Source 2016
  • Videos viewed on Facebook 8 bill per day Source Jan 2016
  • Users joining LinkedIn 2 per second Source Nov 2014
  • Searches on Facebook 1.5 bill per day Source Nov 2015
  • Videos watched on YouTube 5 bill per day Source Jul 2016
  • Hours uploaded to YouTube 400 hrs per minute Source Nov 2015
  • Tweets tweeted 6000 per second Source Jun 2016

June 2013 ‘Social’ Update (mobile, games & heritage to come)

  • 2.7 billion likes on Facebook daily Source May 13
  • 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute Source May 13
  • 1.5 million Android phones activated daily Source May 13
  • 13.7 billion Google searches per month  Source Mar 13
  • 350 million photos loaded to Facebook daily Source May 13
  • 2.5 billion ads served on YouTube monthly Source Mar 13
  • 4 billion Tweets sent daily Source Mar 13
  • 5 million images loaded to Instagram daily – May 13
  • 5 billion minutes spent watching online video ads monthly Source Mar 13
  • 343 million new users of Google + monthly Source Jan 13
  • $5 billion made by Facebook 2012 Source May 13
  • 833 thousand Apple iOS devices sold daily – Jan 13
  • 4 billion hours of content streamed over Netflix per quarter Source Apr 13
  • 5 million press the Google+ button daily – May 13
  • 400 million made by Twitter per year from ad revenue Source May 13
  • 250 million users login and play a Facebook game monthly Source May 13
  • 1.28 billion YouTube videos are watched monthly Source Mar 13
  • 250 million Android apps installed every month Source Mar 13
  • 656 per second likes & comments by Instagram users on Facebook Source Jan 13
  • 3.4 billion searches on Bing per month  Jan 13
  • 2.1 billion searches on Twitter per day Source May 13

June 2012 ‘Social’ Update

  • 3.2 billion likes and comments on Facebook daily Source Apr-12
  • 40 billion android and IOS apps downloaded monthly Source Mar-12
  • 2 million blogs posts written daily Source Mar-12
  • 175 million tweets sent daily Source Feb-12
  • YouTube has 2 billion plays per day Source Apr-12
  • The Google+ button is pressed 5 billion times daily Source Feb-12
  • There are 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook daily Source Apr-12
  • 294 billion emails sent per day Source Mar-12
  • Samsung sells 42.2 million smartphones each quarter Source Mar-12
  • 2.2 million pages added to StumbleUpon monthly Source Feb-12
  • Pinterest gets 17 million visits daily Source Mar-12
  • Facebook has an annual net income of $1 billion Source Feb-12
  • Daily videos uploaded to YouTube is 829 440 Source Apr-12
  • 58 photos per second uploaded via Instagram Source Mar-12
  • 66 million iPads sold annually since early 2011 Source Mar-12
  • G+ gains 625 000 more users each day Source Feb-12
  • 22 million hours of TV & Movies watched on Netflix daily Source Mar-12
  • Facebook gets 526 million users daily Source Apr-12

August 2011 Update

  • 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month Source Jul-11
  • 550,000 Android-enabled phones are activated every day Source Jul 11
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute Source May-11
  • $2.1 billion per year are spent on Virtual Goods in the US Source May-11
  • 1 billion tweets are sent per week Source Mar-11
  • YouTube per day has over 3 billion video views Source May-11
  • There are currrently 10 billion iPhone apps downloaded each year Source Jul-11
  • 20 million people joined Google + in the first 3 weeks Source Aug-11
  • There were 80 million new FB accounts 1st quarter 2011 Source Apr-11
  • 460,000 New twitter accounts daily Source Mar-11
  • There are 50 million likes of Facebook pages per day Source May-11
  • Skype users make 300 Million Minutes of Video Calling Per Month Source Jul-11
  • Google Chrome browser webt from 10-20% of global browser share in 10 months Source Jul-11
  • There are now one million new LinkedIn members every week Source Apr-11
  • Facebook ad revenues per year now more than $4 billion Source Jan-11
  • Google + users pressing +1 over 2.5 billion times every day Source Jul-11

ABOUT Living statistics  – Many of us who have been following social media since the early 90s are very sensitive to today’s exponential growth in usage of the sharing web. Inspired by other cool real time counters, Social Media Industry Head, Laurel Papworth, my own Rise & Rise of Social Media presentations and various ‘cool’ videos (you know the ones) I decided to put together this little Flash app (which is in constant development) showing how active & dynamic the Social Web, Mobile Industry and Game Business is.

If you want to embed this on your page just click the button in the bottom left of the app to copy the code to your clipboard OR use the code/s in the boxes at the bottom of this post. Drag select it all then copy/paste into any site. Use this code as I will be regularly updating it with latest stats.

More about the Count – I quickly built and coded the app based on data culled from a range of social media sources & sites originally at the end of Sept 2009. The design has been finessed extra functionality  has been added such as week, month & year lookahead/backs plus some dynamic data input. Also mobile and games tabs were added. (A combined Film, TV and advertising tab in development Apr 2010).

The social web has exploded in the last year and below are some of the social media statistics based on key data points that the ‘Gary’s Social Media Count’  is based on (many will be updated!).


  • 107 trillion emails sent during 2010 Source Jan 2011
  • Apps installed by users on Facebook per day 20 million Source Jan 2011
  • 35 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube per minute Source Jan 2011
  • 10.2 million comments made every 20 minutes on Facebook Source Jan 2011
  • 2.16 million images per day uploaded to Flickr Source Jan 2011
  • 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month Source Jan 2011
  • 15 million iPads sold in 9 months after launch April 2010 Source Jan 2011
  • many more to come during Jan 2011…


  • 2 billion YouTube videos watched per day & over 24 hours per minute uploaded Source Google 2010
  • 17 million apps per day downloaded from the iPhone App Store Source Asymco Sep 2010
  • 90 million tweets sent per day on Twitter Source TechCrunch Sep 2010
  • 36.1 billion minutes of calls on Skype in last quarter of 2009 Source Gigaom Apr 2010
  • $11.03 billion made at US box office Source 2010
  • $20 bill Lost in US economy due to movie piracy Source 2010
  • Nearly 50 million read a newspaper in the US daily Source 2009
  • $341 bill in global TV revenue from ads, subscription & public funds Source
  • 1.4 billion single music tracks downloaded globally Source 2008
  • Around 20.9 million attend an orchestral concert in the US each year Source 2008
  • $134 bill is made from global print ads Source
  • US $336 mill US is the total spend making Australian films Source 2010
  • US $1.48 billion US is the total spend on making UK films Source 2010
  • US $140 bill ! wages for just the jobs component making US movies Source 2009
  • $805 mill made from physical books in the US in Jan 11, 30% drop from last year Source AAP Mar 2011
  • $69.9 mill made from eBooks in Jan 11 in US a 115% increase from last year Source AAP Mar 2011
  • 236 million people a week in the US listen to the radio Source 2009
  • $11.4 billion is made from music concerts worldwide Source 2008
  • $8.73 billion made in US by DVD & Blu-ray of US made movies (big drop) Source 2009
  • $12 billion US lost in pirated music & movies in Spain every year Source 2009
  • $66.4 bill made from all music sold worldwide Source 2009
  • 30 hours of TV watched by UK viewers each week Source 2010
  • 2.8 billion movie tickets sold in the US, EU, China & Japan combined Source 2010
  • $27 bill spent on new TV sets in the US this year Source 2010
  • 70.6 billion printed press page views per month in the US Source


  • Social/mobile – 2 million iPads sold in first 2 months June 2010 Guardian
  • Social – One new member of LinkedIn every second June 2010 MktCharts
  • mobile – iPad shipments running at 9 million global shipments in the first 12 months. May 2010 Morgan Stanley
  • 1.4 billion music tracks sold on iTunes between Sep 09 & Feb 10 Wikipedia iTunes tracking
  • 300 000 new twitter users per day Apr 2010 TechRadar
  • 247 billions emails per day and 18% growth in internet users (of 1.75bn) Jan 2010 Royal Pingdom ‘Internet 2009 in Numbers’
  • 280 mill iPhone apps per month Jan 2010 GigaOm
  • 3.5 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook each week and 2.5 billion photo uploads to Facebook per month Feb 2010 eConsultancy
  • Facebook 635mill in ad revenue & $75 mill in gifts Mar 2010 InsideFacebook
  • Facebook 25 million new members each month Feb 2010 Mashable
  • 50 million Tweets per day Feb 2010 – eConsultancy
  • YouTube 1Billion watched per day Dec 2009 SMH


  • 20 hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube (source YouTube blog Aug 09)
  • Facebook 600k new members per day, and photos, videos per month, 700mill & 4 mill respectively (source Inside Facebook Feb 09)
  • Twitter 18 million new users per year & 4 million tweets sent daily (source TechCrunch Apr 09)
  • iPolicy UK – SMS messaging has a bright future (Aug 09)
  • 900 000 blogs posts put up every day (source Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2008)
  • YouTube daily, 96 million videos watched, $1mill bandwidth costs (source Comscore Jul 06 !)
  • Second Life 250k virtual goods made daily, text messages 1250 per second (source Linden Lab release Sep 09)
  • Money – $5.5 billion on virtual goods (casual & game worlds) even Facebooks gifts make $70 million annually (source Viximo Aug 09)
  • Flickr has 73 million visitors a month who upload 700 million photos (source Yahoo Mar 09)
  • Mobile social network subscribers – 92.5 million at the end of 2008, by end of 2013 rising to between 641.6-873.1 million or 132 mill annually (source Informa PDF)
  • SMS – Over 2.3 trillion messages will be sent across major markets worldwide in 2008 (source Everysingleoneofussms statistics)

If you want to download this counter in its current state then right click and save the following:

Finally if you think of any more profound ‘dynamic’ stats to replace some of the above then, comment below!

UPDATE – The counter now has mobile and games added – soon to be included will be ‘heritage or traditional’ media (films shown in cinemas, TV shows being shown globally etc:). The statistical sources for the mobile & games counters are added below (even though they are in other posts).

Some of the sources for the mobile counter

  • TechCrunchies – Mobile Video Viewers Statistics
  • AdMob June 2009 Mobile Metrics Report
  • PortioDirect Mobile Factbook 2009
  • Mashable – CITA report – 4.1 Billion SMS Messages Are Sent Daily USA
  • iPolicy UK – SMS messaging has a bright future
  • Research and Markets Global Mobile Broadband – Statistics and Trends
  • Smartbrief Sharp Increase in Mobile Internet Adspend…
  • ABI Research In 2014 Monthly Mobile Data Traffic Will Exceed 2008 Total
  • HotHardware Huge Growth in Daily Mobile Web Access
  • Ecoustics
  • Cio GPS Enabled Mobile Phone Shipments to More than Double Over Next Five Years
  • Nielsen Americans Watching More TV Than Ever: Web and Mobile Video Up too

Some of the sources for the games counter

  • 50 million daily users of Zynga social games (Inside Social Games 2009)
  • $2.8 bill generated yearly by China MMOG players (Raph Koster 2009)
  • 16 million quests per day completed by WoW players (Maximum PC 2009)
  • $22 Billion US games revenue in 2009 (IDE Agency 2009)
  • 50 000 person to person auctions per day on Gaia
  • 1 million currency transactions per day in Eve Online ( 2009)
  • 9 games sold every second 2007 (GrabStats 2007)
  • $5.5 bill spent on virtual goods globally
  • 4.1 million new MMORPG subscribers 2009 ( 2008)
  • $125 mill advertising revenues in Social Virtual Worlds (GamineExpedition 2008)
  • 575000 log into Fantasy Westward Journey per day (Seeking Alpha 2009)
  • 250 thousand virtual goods created on Second Life per day (MarketWire 2009)
  • $594 million invested in Virtual World companies in 2008 (Engage Digital Media 2009)
  • 1.5 million new 3-11 US children subscribing to Virtual Worlds annually (GamineExpedition 2009)
  • 1 million message board posts per day in Gaia online
  • 7.5 million per month use Habbo
  • $2.45 billion per year revenue made from World of Warcraft (Edge Online 2008)
  • 13.4 million portable game units sold in 2007 (Grab Stats 2007)
  • 936 mill Chinese user hours per week in online games (78 mill @ 12 hrs pw) (Futures of Learning 2008)
  • 1250 text messages sent per second in Second Life  (Linden Lab 2009)
  • 465 million user hours in second life over the last year (Linden Lab 2009)


For a 600 pixel wide site/pane

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For a more typical 450 pixel wide site/pane

<object id="Garys Social Media Count" width="450" height="488" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,40,0"><param name="quality" value="high" /><param name="src" value="" /><embed id="Garys Social Media Count" width="450" height="488" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" quality="high" /></object>

The text will be small but to fit a 260 wide sidebar

<object id="Garys Social Media Count" width="260" height="281" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,40,0"><param name="quality" value="high" /><param name="src" value="" /><embed id="Garys Social Media Count" width="260" height="281" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" quality="high" /></object>

Please suggest other stats or point out errors – as this widget is now embedded in 100s of blogs I am keen to keep it up to date and accurate as possible! Cheers

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  5. Great stuff. Biggest flaw is simulated real-time, which of course is an illusion extrapolated from historic data. But numbers that just sit there wouldn’t be as fun! Some labels are misleading, e.g.,Heritage|+1 Year says that 17 billion plus people in the U.S. read a newspaper in the last year, which is pretty unlikely with only 7 billion on the planet. 🙂

    I would suggest comparing both numbers and value on the books vs e-books stats, which are especially interesting to me as a writer. E-books are outselling paper but generating less than 10% the revenue. Hmmm.

    ~~Larry Constantine, writing as Lior Samson, author of contemporary techno-thrillers

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