Short post – Incredible Statistic Time, drum roll…

Accenture research has shown that more content will be created over the next two years than over the entire history of mankind—and 93 percent of it will be digital.” !!

Woolhope, UK © Gary Hayes 2005Ok that is a lot of content, absolutely staggeringly humongous amounts and most interestingly all digital. Now imagine if most of that ‘digital’ content is not digitally described with tags (metadata) that travel around with it. What a waste.

Here is the paradox. Are we able to keep up with this tidal wave of, mostly user-generated content. Are we creating far more than we can ever be able to search through, discover and share? And so to sharing, super or hyper-distribution, allowing others access to your content. Without any elements of personalization all this ‘stuff’ will have to be manually searched and sorted through – but we won’t have time to manage even that because we are too busy creating.

Any suggestions out there in personalize media land of how we can get ahead of this particular curve?

Posted by Gary Hayes © 2005