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Aug 052008

Gary Hazlitt, Gazlitt and me take a ‘break’ in over fifty worlds comprising the current metaverse, here is the holiday video…

I am doing a commercial report and curriculum development on the evolving range of social virtual worlds and have recently ventured into fifty of them to review and sample the culture, creative, business and educational potential. On my travels I got out my virtual camera and decided to capture a bunch of small vignettes which quickly turned into a body of audio visual delights – so decided to create a nice seven minute video for posterity.

I thought I would share the video publically as it demonstrates how ubiquitous, popular and streamlined many of these spaces are becoming across the intraweb / ‘cloud’. With over 300 million frequenting or registering for the non-game based worlds and millions of new investment in 2nd and 3rd generation services there seems to be no stopping them…Enjoy the video  (UPDATE: now standing at over 55 000 views!)

75MB MP4 Download available at www.justvirtual.com/SVWS_2008.mp4

A few immediate things that struck me on my travels:

  • That there are quite a few worlds now getting their balance on the shoulders of Second Life and really getting to grips with the social networking aspects vs the 3D’ness
  • There IS a balance between a social space and an ‘agreed’ advertorial world – “you give me valid experience, I accept a level of advertising”
  • A few new entrants realise that using a fully fledged, 3D game engine as the client for what is in the end a glamorous 3D facebook and requiring a high spec’d PC is not the best way. Second generation services like vSide have followed a good middle ground
  • As I reported a few days ago the ‘layered-over-the-2d-web’ version of these worlds such as RocketOn Exit Reality and Weblin show great usability and promise
  • Some worlds are demonstrating the precursor to photo realism and smooth motion while others have as much ‘immersion’ by providing intimacy with your friends in more cutesy environments
  • Many of these worlds operate without the hype we have seen with Second Life and have slowly been building up large communities. Beware any world that tries to launch on hype, as most of these worlds are still in adolescence and not ready for mainstream
  • The Metaverse is a world of connected worlds, how/when/if they are connected will be a real challenge from a technical and standardisation perspective. Especially as a few are starting to concentrate on themes, music, sport and probably in the end very defined niches – fly fishing social world anyone?
  • It is important for those who are supposedly representing or blogging about ‘the metaverse’ to get in there and try these services – beyond registering and wandering around for only 10 minutes (I could name several who haven’t a clue!) but…
  • There are not enough hours in the day to attempt to truly engage with each world but it is amazing how adept you become at spotting flaws and innovation when you put the effort in
  • lots more to follow from the official report in a future post…

KZero are turning out to be the best resource on the planet, tracking Social Virtual Worlds and their latent potential. They gave me permission to publish/post this great chart with a great stab at putting many of the worlds in the video across content sectors.

Social VIrtual Worlds Logos - End 2008

Here is a list of the worlds featured in my video in order of appearance:

Video details:

The ‘Social Virtual’ World’s A Stage
A Film by Gary Hayes © Personalizemedia 2008

“This is not a Game” – Music composed and performed by
Gary Hayes www.korkyt.net

  73 Responses to “2008 Metaverse Tour Video: The Social Virtual World’s A Stage”

  1. You have a quite different idea,It sounds really amazing !

  2. tinyurl.com/65lxwq
    2008 Metaverse Tour Video: The Social Virtual World’s A Stage | PERSONALIZE MEDIA

  3. Nice video, interessting to see how things have evolved since 2008. I remember everybody talking about 2nd Life back then, now it is Facebook. We also work on a project for our designer sonnenbrillen site currently were we test out different things. So far Facebook looks like a great thing to use for 2011.

  4. What an amazing overview of the virtual worlds tour – I really love it. Thanks a lot for sharing all the great information.

  5. upon seeing the video, it made me realized how changes occur, what more could be in store for us in the next 10 -15 years.

  6. Whats up, This is a wonderful summation, I located your blog checking google for any similar subject and observed this. I couldnt find as well significantly other tips and information on this posting, so it was fantastic to discover this one. I will almost certainly be returning to think about a number of other articles which you have written another time.

  7. Heh, I’m in your SecondLife bit, standing around talking with my SL sis and a friend of ours. What are the chances! Cool video. (Would have been cool even if I hadn’t been in it.

    • Hey Pandaranol – thats so cool, 3 years later! I had so much footage of SL to use too but wanted a nice social situation and there you all were 🙂 Thanks for the compliment and probably need to update this video – if I ever get the time…

  8. The thing that pulled me into this post is the preface saying that you recently ventured into 50 virtual worlds. That is an impressive feat into itself. Thanks for the sector map too, Gary. Very cool stuff.

  9. Nice lists, hope to check these sites one-by-one and see if I’ll be able to find good ones.. Thanks

  10. Great list and great video, thanks.

  11. Interesting list of virtual worlds, aside of Second Life I haven’t know about the rest of them.

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  13. Archive: : 2008 Metaverse Tour Video: The Social Virtual World's A Stage t.co/blx2i9l2

  14. Archive: : 2008 Metaverse Tour Video: The Social Virtual World's A Stage t.co/blx2i9l2

  15. gorgeous video, love this post, i wanna to share for more friends.

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