Gary is:

  1. CEO of MUVEDEsign – Augmented Reality, Multi Platform & Virtual World Production
  2. Founder and Current Director of StoryLabs – global cross/trans media IP development and training
  3. Industry Consultant
  4. Writer of Global Top 150 Media/Marketing Blogs including personalizemedia
  5. Professional Photographer

has been:

  1. Executive Producer & Product Development Manager ABC Multi Platform TV 11-13
  2. Multi platform lecturer and course designer for MetroScreenAustralian Film TV and Radio School and several Universities 10-11
  3. Director of Australia’s Lab for Advanced Media Production & Industry Consultant 05-10
  4. Senior Development Producer BBC Broadband & Interactive TV 95-03
  5. Interactive TV Producer in USA 04-05
  6. Multimedia & Music Production Course Lecturer and Writer in London 91-95

More biographical detail wikipedia user, personalizemedia, muvedesign, storylabs

Some past and present testimonials below:

“Gary Hayes is undoubtedly one of the outstanding pioneers of interactive TV, having devised the first 24/7 service for Digital Terrestrial, and the first truly interactive programming for Broadband TV, both for the BBC. In addition to breadth of knowledge, he brings great editorial and technical insight to the table and was, in effect, the main communicator inside the BBC regarding videorelated new media, devising many training courses, lectures and seminars for TV producers and technical staff. Vitally, he was also tasked with explaining this confusing, rapidly developing new world to most senior management in the corporation, and undoubtedly shaped BBC strategy in this field – the fact that the BBC is a world leader in many areas of New Media can be traced to Gary Hayes’s vision, hard work and extraordinary knowledge of every aspect of the new media landscape. Since leaving the BBC, he has been involved in many outstanding new media projects and services abroad, where he is held in as high regard as he is for his work in the UK”
Scott Gronmark, ex Head of BBC Broadcast Interactive 1999-2005

“He was in short “ahead of his time” and continues to be a thought leader in the multi-discipline areas of digital interactive media. I often look to Gary for his esteemed professional opinion based on his years of experience. I can always rely on him to be working on “the next big thing”. He is an active and contributing member of our international community. When the International Digital Emmy Awards were established five years ago, I not only asked Gary to be a judge but I consulted with him as we were building the categories to be awarded. Gary has also been very active in getting Australian companies to enter the International Emmy® Awards and last year Australia walked away a winner for “Scorched”. He has also urged Australian companies working in the US to enter the Primetime Emmy Awards and in two weeks we will know if Australia’s Hoodlum a current nominee for the Primetime Emmy in Interactive Television will walk away with the Emmy®. It goes without saying that I consider Gary to be somewhat of a digital ambassador for Australia.”
Brian Seth Hurst, CEO Opp Management & ex Chairman of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council & 10 yrs on Board of Governors of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

“As the lead tutor of Metro Screen’s 2010 Multiplatform Screen Producer Scholarship, Gary Hayes has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to his students and to broadening their understanding of transmedia and multiplatform production.
His wealth of knowledge as a producer, creative, writer and technical guru inform his delivery of the subject matter and create a buzz of enthusiasm from his students. He is an engaging and exceptionally well-prepared lecturer and provided sound advice on our learning and teaching plans that informed the course design of Metro Screen’s new and innovative program.
Gary is a world leader in his profession as a transmedia and multiplatform producer and his sound guidance and tuition has fostered emerging young talent. Gary has ensured that Australia has a fine pool of multiplatform producers to lead us into the future of our media and renew the Australian screen industry with innovative new concepts and stories.”
Bethany Bruce, Learning and Development Manager, Metro Screen

“As a government funding agency, we receive many applications for financial support, and I engaged Gary’s services as a specialist evaluator of digital media applications. His insights consistently came from a place of learned experience. He had to write papers providing a rationale for his funding recommendations, and these were a source of great education for myself and the Development team in this rapidly changing field. I have continued to use Gary in this capacity ever since. He is reading two applications for me at the moment. He is frequently my ‘go-to guy’ with all things digital media. The Government recently released a paper called ‘the digital economy’, which In a nutshell said we need to ensure Australia is maximizing its use of digital technologies and is ready to make best use of our new high speed broadband, both creatively and commercially. Gary comfortably advises on both sides of the spectrum. It is not exaggerating at all to say that Gary will be a key figure in Australia’s ability to tackle the challenges set out in the paper.”
Mike Cowap, Development Manager, Screen Australia

I would say that Gary’s exceptional talent and outstanding achievement fall into three clear categories:

  1. Combining artistic and technical understanding: Gary is a rare item; He combines a solid understanding of technology and platforms with a very active artistic and creative mind. This allows his proposals to be rooted in the real world; in what can be delivered.
  2. Wide artistic interest: He had a varied creative career outside the BBC, producing music albums and taking photos to a very high standard.
  3. Gary’s enthusiasm and knowledgeable appreciation of media issues is catching. He speaks with authority and engages his audience. I would rank him as on one the most clear-sighted media professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. He has represented the BBC at numerous international events and conferences and was always an exemplary ambassador for the BBC.

In summary, Gary is an exceptional talent and a tremendously personable bloke.
Simon Broad, Head of Service Development, BBC Policy & Strategy

“I was very fortunate to be a part of the year long Scholarship course in Multiplatform Online Producing at Metroscreen 2010. Gary was one of the main lecturers, and having been through undergraduate and postgraduate university courses, I can honestly say Gary is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had. He not only has an amazing depth of knowledge in his field, but offers this in a well planned and interesting way. Gary’s ability to cut to the chase and find the core of a concept or a project always fascinated me. Gary’s classes were always a ”must get to” for me. His patience and tolerance are worthy of a medal! and a great wit adds to the fun. There is no doubt that if Gary chose to be out in the world of commercial business he would be hugely successful, and we are so very lucky that he instead chooses to remain at grass roots level, inspiring new people to take up the ever changing world of digital media and cutting edge technologies. I look forward to crossing paths with Gary again in my future business and career.”
Susan Schmidt, Producer – Film; TV; MultiPlatform

“Gary has a remarkable sense of new trends across media, entertainment and technology. He is a thought leader who has exhibited exceptional creativity and diversity of understanding whilst in Australia, building on a distinguished media career in the UK. Gary is an innovator, strategist, artist and visionary and I have no doubt he would inspire many through his exceptionally insightful writings and teachings. Gary is recognized across the world as someone with an exceptionally deep grasp of new media areas, from virtual worlds through to augmented reality.”

Jason Romney, Head of Innovation, Telstra BigPond

“I was lucky enough to be in Gary’s class in Metro Screens Multiplatform Screen Producers course in 2010. Gary’s knowledge, preparation for each class and pure enthusiasm was inspiring. I have never in my life enjoyed going to ’school’ so much. I find myself looking back at my notes from his classes on almost on a daily basis and will strive to carry on in this field. I hope to work with Gary at some time in the future.”

Zoltan Deak, Multi Platform Producer, Delicatessen Films

“It is crucially important that the Australian community develops a capability to use digital media and communications to more effectively do business and reflect out unique cultures in the global marketplace. Gary Hayes has and can continue to greatly assist the development of an appropriate skill base and strategic understanding of digitla media issues in our community. He has a strong sense of the relationship between art, innovation and business and is a gifted teacher and presenter. Gary’s ongoing presence here would be of great benefit both to the media industry and the community more broadly”
Malcolm Long, LLB FAIM Member of ACMA, Chair NIDA

”In 2010 I had the fortune of being one of Gary’s students on the Multi Platform Screen Producers Course at Metro Screen. As a student you hope to be both educated and inspired. Gary was not only a great teacher, organised, efficient and passionate, he was more importantly a great inspiration. His multi platform knowledge and overall creative abilities are extraordinary and he encouraged his students to achieve their best in developing both their knowledge and their projects.”
Carolyn Mee, Transmedia Producer

“Gary’s professional achievements in media, including the influential role he has played in interactive, social media education and design, have made him a leader in his field. He has a global reputation and standing, as evidenced by his work with the BBC, BAFTA, the European Commission and the American Film Institute, and the many invitations he has received to speak at industry events and academic conferences. I regard him not only as an exceptional practitioner but also as one of the foremost thinkers working in Australia today.”
Ben Goldsmith, Author and Screen Lecturer

“Gary is an outstanding strategist for cross-platform entertainment with exceptional experience. My project benefited substantially from his input. The experience Gary has from his time with BBC and consulting in the United States is unprecedented in cross-platform media professionals in this country. The exposure he has to the cutting edge of content delivery, worldwide, is extremely valuable. Our television networks are a little bit behind international trends in terms of developing online and mobile content delivery systems, and the knowledge Gary has from working in world-class international projects is invaluable in informing the direction ‘new media’ will take in this country.”
Kelly Chapman, Transmedia & Film Producer and CEO KCDC

“Nothing gets past Gary in terms of what’s going on the world of digital. A great mentor and professional that really pushed me to exercise the imagination and boundaries of what I thought was possible in the media space. I can’t thank Gary enough for his time that he dedicated to my self and my class mates at Metroscreen in 2010. We were very fortunate to have access to someone so willing to share and encourage a new sphere of entertainment and interactivity.
Michelle Cotterill, Independent Multi Platform Producer

“Gary is highly respected amongst his peers for his exceptional knowledge of digital media strategy, convergent production and contribution to the development of Australia’s professional film and television industry. In addition to the sessions and keynote presentations that Gary has presented and produced at the SPAA Conference, his international connections have been invaluable. Gary’s unprecedented experience and excellent contacts have assisted with bringing several highly regarded international guests to Australia.”
Gaylee Butler, Director SPAA Conference

“Gary is the most self-motivated and creative individual I have ever met. Whether he is developing virtual worlds for major corporations in Australia or around the world, keynoting at major industry and academic conferences including the Korean conference at the invitation of Senator Stephen Conroy, writing on his highly regarded and oft-quoted (by media) blog, or simply teaching graduate students at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, he stands out as a exceptional leader and original thinker.”
Laurel Papworth, Social Network Strategist & Online Community

“Gary thoroughly proved the depth and breadth of his expertise across multiplatform technologies and services (virtual worlds, augmented and alternate reality, social gaming, locative devices, mobile apps, etc) when teaching the Multiplatform Content Graduate Certificate at AFTRS. He helped expand our minds beyond the here and now to also prepare for future developments. The course was practical, intense, inspirational, and unforgettable.”
Luci Temple, Independent Transmedia Filmmaker via LinkedIn

“Gary was involved with interactive television at the BBC from the early days. When I was Head of Interactive for BBC Broadcast, Gary was instrumental in looking outside the corporation, developing external contacts and exploring new technical developments. As a result he has an invaluable knowledge of the industry. As well as practical experience, he has a real appreciation of the bigger picture.”
William Cooper, CEO of InformITV & ex Head of MultiPlatform Playout BBC via LinkedIn

“I was one of a bunch of students in Metro Screen’s inaugural Multiplatform Screen Producing Scholarship Course in 2010. Like others in my group, I was keen to learn whatever I could about the world of new media platforms and multiplatform production and the opportunities that this may open up for me as a traditional media practitioner.
We were very fortunate to have had Gary as our key tutor. Gary’s passion and awesome knowledge in this area is infectious. Gary’s classes were always interesting, inspiring and challenging. Gary has a unique combination of skills, talents and knowledge, making him a fantastic educator… he is highly organised, incredibly creative and passionate about pushing the envelope, especially when it comes to the creative possibilities that technology can offer, together with an awesome knowledge of the field (and great sense of humour).
Gary is not just onto the cutting edge of what’s happening in the world of new media, transmedia, gaming, virtual worlds, augmented reality, social media, etc, he’s one of the pavers of this edge! He is very generous in sharing his knowledge (and toys) with his students.
I appreciate Gary’s commitment and honesty over the past eight months in guiding us towards reaching our full potential as newbie multiplatform producers.”
Carolyn Saul, Independent Multi Platform Producer