Created by Gary Hayes and Catherine Gleeson with support from Daphne Paris and Kathy Mueller

For the AFTRS Foundation Induction Feb 2009 – SAFESETS SABOTAGE AND MADAME BLASH MINI ARG. Photos:G Hayes

Questions abound. Why would students sabotage productions? Why would they be messing around with equipment and procedures and why would some be documenting each and every accident? Who were the victims and where is the evidence of their demise? Are supernatural forces involved? Why are staff acting strange and in constant denial? Tension reach a climax as new evidence comes into play and this day and this day only all will be revealed…

Last year six students were tragically killed in separate studio and filming accidents on six new film productions. At first groups of students are suspected and each were investigated for being 1) truly unlucky, 2) deliberately stupid and 3) criminals as sabotage for gain. All deaths were reported as accidents and eventually all were forgotten, hidden from the outside world, due to the major cover-up.


This will serve several purposes

1. To help the new students bond

2. To help them understand the layout of the school

3. To get them thinking about new forms of entertainment

4. To enable them to work as teams

5. To understand Health and Safety issues in studios and location

6. To have fun and see the school as being open ideas wise

7. others…


Final draft by Gary

A new year arrives and foundation year students are introduced to staff and the school. One senior staff member acts very oddly when she is supposed to address them. The new students are then given an exercise to map and tell stories about the lower levels of the school and they start to stumble on lots of documents and other clues about the accidents and the students part in them. At midday two police arrive and start to look around the school. Someone sent them an anonymous letter – ‘staff are to blame and suggesting there is new evidence in the now vacated student area’. During lunch, police ask all the new student body as a group to report back to them at 3pm but also help them piece together the final clues. After some more digging in the student area a staff member called Peter Killyn is incriminated as a ring leader, secretly setting up the accidents so he can get the Head of Production job over another Andrew Still (who is the one who actually sent the police the coded letter). His desk is littered with evidence of his crime but also reveals something more sinister. There are signs of witchcraft, curses and dark goings-on linked to the powerful influence of Madame Blash. Students begin to question and investigate Madame Blash’s desk and area. Still in cover-up mode she heavily refutes all knowledge of the accidents “they didn’t happen” and in desperation sets off the school fire alarm to try to clear up any last remains of evidence.

On return into the school each group gives their report to the police in the theatre. During their reports evidence is played back and shown. After the reports Madame Blash politely thanks everyone and the police and asks them to leave. While talking about all the inconclusive evidence in the background strange forces come into play, a visual frightening sequence of Babe II, Mad Max and demonic sounds. During this Madame Blash trips out, goes crazy into meltdown, faints and drops the book she has been holding all along. The book opens and contains fragments of pages.

The group puts these together and comes across an exorcism for the Babe II curse, which has origins back to the early settlers in the area, an ancient imported curse that affected the BabeII shoot and the underground river the school is built on. They must collect all the strange symbols that are placed around the school, some of the ‘animals and vegetation’ (now hanging in the front trees) and perform a ritual around Madame Blash (and a smouldering couldren) who is obviously channeling the evil energy. During the ceremony Peter Killyn breaks down and confesses, the police take him away. At the end of the ceremony Blash comes out of her ‘trance’ state and confused welcomes everyone ‘this morning’. The curse is lifted. The year can start anew.


The elements of the story as they will emerge during the actual game to the players. Also the profiles of each student will be printed as backstory to events detailed below.


One student Wayne Wall was a kind of Mr. Bean really troubled by bad luck, who just kept making a ‘real’ mess!


That a group of jack-ass students were deliberately trying to cause ‘accidents’ that went terribly wrong – over and over again! Jethro Sachs, Benjamin Barker and Sean Hall


That a student Larry Sully, deliberately caused these sequentially and was making a snuff movie to get some money to fund his ‘art’ film!


The Radio Student Andrew Shaeffer gets a weird phone call. He also discovers Gaffer Tony Bosch fabricating evidence about the first crane accident on Andrew’s blog/story is now live at Beast 66.6FM


1. That a psychopathic lecturer after a top job caused accidents to bring the other person into dis-repute.

2. Psychopathic lecturer: Peter Killyn

3. Peter and Andrew Stiff (deceased) were in the running for Head of Production job. Andrew was told he had to run a safe ship this year but Peter had other plans – he was sabotaging every production secretly. Sometimes bribing students and crew to cause problems. Evidence of memos and even more incriminating a hand written diary of his dealings before each accident.

4. Diary a few days before each event and

5. Memos stating how he thought the current safety officer Andrew is not fit for the job.

Previous story KM: has been a staff member of the production design team who went for promotion as Head of PRoduction Design. However, his application was denied after it came to light that students were terrified by his unpredictable bullying and temper tantrums. He then became quite devious in the way he head-hunted students and staff who jilted him. He has been seen mentoring both Jethro Sachs and Larry Sully and encouraging their projects. He is determined to bring the school into disrepute and knows that OH&S is the achilles heel of AFTRS since everyone works longer hours than required due to their love of filmmaking.


The leader of the cover up to hide the truth from the world – 6 students dead, no one will ever know, right! She is a femme-fatale, dresses in black – kind of Meryl Streep (Prada) meets Morticia. There are various memos uncovered around the school from Blashki telling other staff to dispose of evidence and bodies. She is protecting the integrity of the school, saving it from press hounds who are starting to knock on the door. When the police arrive on the day around 12.30 during the BBQ she is seen to become extremely agitated and manages to get them off the premises (hence the students needing to collect the final evidence between 2-4.) Blash even arranges for a school wide fire alarm around 3pm to try to clear the final remnants of evidence (but there are hundreds of clues scattered around! and on the web – a fruitless task). Students will try to gain access to her office. If they succeed she will deny all knowledge, and try to keep them away from papers hurridly thrown in her bin…more to follow!


That there is a horrible curse on the land around AFTRS left over from the strange events of the Babe2 shoot and all the terrible accidents on that shoot – feat: Daphne! Cats and ancient Egypt curses, 9 lives, treasure chests. Daphne deep sleep. Narcolepsy Curse – Cat animal lover, hated what was happening on the set. Put cat head icons around the canals and came back to AFTRS later to propagate the curse. Animals rights activist. Theme park failure.



These are the films that were being worked on when the tragic accidents took place. I have added dates to give a sense of timing to fit with radio blog and other bits coming into focus.

1 Angel 2049

– Tracey Smith always felt out of sync with the world. She could never shake the feeling that there was another Tracy living alongside her somewhere in a parallel universe. In an attempt to re-sync herself, she catapaults forward in time, with tragic and dire consequences…

1.    10 Jan 08 Working on a crane: FILM: ANGEL 2049. Photo Back: Wide shot of front lawn…

2.    Ignoring the Key Grips instructions to communicate the need to get off and wait for clearance – focus puller jumps off without warning; Crane tips over … serious injury, Broken neck … death?

3.    Student on crane: Sean Hall as featured in [AustralianNews] Setup by by Jethro and Ben but masterminded by Peter Killyn

2 The Kitchen Think

– It’s exam time again and Jarrod and his mates are gathered around the kitchen table in his tiny terrace in Carlton cramming for their Quantum Physics finals. There’s only one problem though, when Jarrod returns from putting the empties in the recycle bin – they realize they’ve run out of Milo!

1.    17 Jan 08 Boiling Coffee urn spilt on student. Film: The Kitchen Think – Photo Back: Table in studio…

2.    Student pouring water into coffee cup when hurried call from shooting crew to move the urn quickly – it’s in shot and losing light.

3.    Student tries to be helpful, lifts urn on his own and dumps it onto rickety card table which collapses. Lower half of body burned badly.

4.    Larry and Jethro get radio student Andrew Shaeffer to help dump the body. Dead student: Chika Lopeski. Mastermind PK

3 The Wrong Circle

– When love goes wrong, there’s only one thing left for a man to do… Take up stock car racing! One man’s rocky road back to happiness via a 1976 Chevy called “Prince” on a legendary track known simply as “She-Canes”.

▪      27 Feb 08 Racing car around EQ arena: FILM: The Wrong Circle – Photo Back: Track in centre of EQ

▪      No safety supervision. No escape plan when stunt car loses control and crashes into fence and smashes into camera crew. No escape route tested or communicated. There was no briefing.

▪      Dead student: Standin radio student Andrew Shaeffer [BeastFM]. Car stunt sabotage masterminded by Jethro Sachs and Ben Barker

4 Time for Susan

– A lonely woman staring out her 75th floor apartment window at the falling rain reflects on her life. As memories begin to materialize through the soft curtain of rain, she is convinced that if she steps through this veil she may just be able to mend the past…

1.    12 Mar 08 Jumping through closed window. Film: Time for Susan Photo Back: EQ flat trackdown…

2.    Inadequate preparation for stunt. No time or money for Sugar Glass replacement.

3.    Serious injury & death due to loss of blood.

4.    Dead student: Wayne Wall – masterminded by Larry Sully and PK

5 Holy Water

– When Bernadette received her first “sign” she was only seven years old – too young according to her parents, to be the recipient of important signals from on “high”. Refusing to be discouraged by her nay-saying family, Bernadette saves all her pocket money and travels to a famous site in France in order to answer the call.

1.    23 Apr 08 Stunt Man on Fire … Film: Holy Water Photo Back: Tree grotto thing –

2.    Student added more fuel for effect. Unlicensed Pyrotechnics

3.    Dead student: Mary Holstoncroft perpetrated by Larry Sully

6 Fear of Life

– The bullet of “life” is a relatively untested hypothesis, but Matt is convinced that his contraption will reverse the laws of physics and enable people to live at least another 13 years. However, it all goes hideously wrong in his sister’s 9th grade needlework class…

▪      17 Jul 08 Student actor dies when shot with ‘blank’. Film: Fear of Life Photo Back: none required

▪      No armourer on set and the instruction to not fire directly at close range ignored. Misunderstanding of ‘blanks’

▪      Dead student: Josh Jamieson, Roisin Hannagin pulled the trigger and sabotaged by Larry Sully masterminded by PK


Web Site list

So far and urls to distribute on signs posters – roughly in order of appearance

▪ – Item about 1 accident

▪ – Radio student blog

▪ – Collective Blog conspiracy


▪ – Official AFTRS safety site

▪ – Final ceremony site


1.    TWITTER: Creation of Twitter identities to recreate as if happening in real time the incidents…

2.    Production of at least 2 faux websites/blogs similar to CurseCleanse

3.    FAUX 01: will be a blog, secret collection of the accidents, a radio student is documenting all the catastrophes (for the record – not involved) – become part investigator, and will be a chronological blog, with lots of questions and emotion and a few pics – helped with body, burned dumping – inadvertently used his car to go to hospital. “give us a lift – put him outside” – starts to uncover the truth then gets invited onto car shoot and arghhhh.

4.    FAUX 02: will be an AFTRS Safety site – gone wrong. Kind of started but then defaced by someone, psychopathic, also suggestion that someone is systematically going through the sequence and recreating each incident as described! This will contain some of Tony Bosch clips too. More section – pointing at Daphne holder of documentation and more info

5.    YOUTUBE: A few clips on an anon channel (ddhyfg49 for example) of some enigmatic accident footage and/or Tony Bosch cutting to noise at crucial moment…expelled student who helped with website and put stuff on website that was being covered up!

6.    FACEBOOK: At least two identities of students who were killed – here clues will point to other sites and elements

7.    NEWS: Creation of a news item on AustralianNewsOnline

8.    GENERAL ANGST BLOG: Adding or creating another blog rather than AFTRS Sucks

Australian News Online Story GH/PG


Crane Tragedy at Film School

Photo: Sean Hall in happier times when he was an AFTRS cinematography student

There is an air of apprehension at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) following the death of one of its leading students last week.

Cinematography student Sean Hall, 23, was killed during the filming of a complex crane shot on a student sci fi film called Angel 2049. He was killed instantly when the crane reportedly spun out of control catapulting his body for a distance of over 30 metres.

There has been an outpouring of grief from staff and fellow students at AFTRS as they prepare themselves for a funeral service later this week. While official accounts of the incident have claimed it was a tragic accident, allegations from witnesses point to the possibility of foul play. Police and Work Safety staff are currently analysing the scene of the accident to determine whether an official police enquiry is warranted.

AFTRS Safety Officer Andrew Stiff who was the staff member responsible for the safety of the Angel 2049 set has broken ranks with the AFTRS official statement and he said today that “This is a one in a million chance accident and the only way it could have occurred is through deliberate sabotage”.

Mr Stiff is being investigated in the initial enquiries as is the Head of Props and Staging Peter Killyn who has also made public statements in an attempt to distance himself from the incident. Both men are professional rivals and were applicants for the vacant Head of Production position.

AFTRS Director, Sandra Lovy said the School was shaken by this tragic accident and that a full internal enquiry would be held to determine how similar incidents could be avoided in the future. She appealed for calm but also suggested that Sean Hall and a group of his friendss had exhibited signs of instability in the lead up to the accident.

“Sean had enormous potential as a cinematographer though his brilliance was tempered by emotional instability. We offered him a full range of support services to help him deal with the problem and brought in external mediators to deal with a previous incident which involved Sean and two fellow students.” She said.

A fellow Cinematography student who wished to remain anonymous said Hall was a friendly and obliging classmate. He disputed the official explanation of the accident and any suggestion that Hall was emotionally unstable.

“He worked really hard because he didn’t want to let us down even though sometimes he’d be incriminated for goofing around with his two mates,” they said.

Sean’s girlfriend Susan Phillips said she had not been allowed into the school since the investigation and was suspicious of an official cover up.

“Something totally weird is going on, this was not an accident and nobody will tell me anything,” she said.

“The security guards who once welcomed me in now push me off the premises and the CEO of the School has refused to return my phone calls. The sooner the police investigate AFTRS the better.”

A police spokesperson refused to comment to Australian News Online except to say that a preliminary investigation was underway.

Radio Show


This audio clip will appear on the radio students blog as a clue: Rough script…please play around with this…

1.    MUSIC: Some death metal, demonic music

2.    DJ: Andrew Schaeffer here bringing you an awesome FAITH NO MORE track especially for you on 66.6 THE BEAST FM, from your one and only AFTRS! The lines have been buzzing this morning on our topic of ‘weeeeirddd’ accidents. Yeah – anything odd at work, at home, on the street. Give us your strangeness! OK we have a caller on line 4, Steve?

3.    CALLER: Hi, thanks for taking my call. Just a quick one. I was walking home a few weeks ago and like this car was just flying towards me…it shocked me I just stood there. Then it crashed dead still into the road. Apparently it had hit a piece of scaffolding on the road which lifted it…noise…cut off

4.    DJ: Well thanks Steve, mobile must have cut out there. Over to line 3 and Julie

5.    CALLER: There is something really weird going on here at AFTRS…breathes heavily…pause

6.    DJ: Go on Julie…

7.    CALLER: There have been 3 accidents, deaths…murders on sets here. I can’t believe I am saying this. Someone is causing this…I don’t know who or what is doing it but that crane death, the falling wall…*noise*…

8.    DJ: Well sorry about that listeners Julie was cutoff. Seems like something worth looking into. You know anything call in…*sounds of rustling and murmuring*…ok back to the music, some classic Sabbath…

9.    MUSIC: Black Sabbath

Madame Blash Emails to Staff GH

1 To Mark Warden 20 August 2008. Dear Mark, I thank you for your concern regarding the feelings of the brother of Cecilia Pumiko but as I have said on many occasions, the demise on the set of Time for Susan was nothing to do with the school. Please could you refrain from bringing the matter up in any more HOD meetings or there may be serious consequences. Regards Blash

2 To Peter Killyn 10 Sept 2008. Dearest Peter, I do understand that you feel unsupported given all roads seemed to lead to you in regard to the terrible accidents. But mark my words, no one will be able to pin any evidence on you and you should rest knowing what you did was for the good of the school. I also congratulate you on your new role as Head of Production. Love Kathryn

3 To Catherine Gleesin 14 Sept 2008. Hi Catherine, I understand you have been talking to the parents of Emil Ludwich who have been snooping around in the foyer again. As I said at the last all staff meeting, any staff caught aiding friends or family of deceased students will be severly punished. I do not want to have to bring you into my office again and I am sure you would prefer I don’t inflict more of the ‘whip’. Be very careful. Blash

4 To Ivan Reese. 14 August 2008. Dear Ian, As you know a full police enquiry followed by weeks of verbal interrogation by staff have revealed no more information into the 6 unfortunate accidents. I would hope you and the other students involved will put this behind you and get on with your careers and stop raising questions about the incidents on the web and to new visitors to the school. I would not like to have to take legal action but some of your comments verge on libel. I am happy to meet you in person at the agreed time (9.40pm) in the multi-storey car park – please come alone. Sincerely K Blash

Student to Student Emails Re: Incidents GH

1 From Nicol Paarvel to Ivan Reese 28 Apr 2008. Hey Ivan WTF went on last week?! Who tampered with the fuel canister on Holy Water set? I saw PK earlier in the room but he said he was just checking the flats. I feel so sorry for Andrew Stiff, he just looked pale, didn’t say a word. I was shocked also when Larry kept on filming and was giggling to himself, he needs treatment that guy. We have got to get to the bottom of this, why would the flames have got so out of control just from a little squirt from the canister by Larry – was it really worth Mary H’s life! I am going to talk to PK about it later today. Best Nicol.

2 From Eiffer Halloran to Roisin Hannagin 23 July 2008 – Hi Rois. So this is what it has come down to. Everyone is blaming me when the gun was obviously sabotaged. It was clearly marked in the directors notes that I walk right up to Josh, put the gun right up to his chest and pull. How could those blanks have knocked him out so quickly – I will never forget his face as he hit the floor, and his blood splashed on the needlework, still having nightmares…sorry back, I was crying again. I just hope that one day they finish Fear of Life, even for just the memory of Josh. It was a great script too. Love Eiffer.

3 From Jethro Sachs to Ben Barker 2 Mar 2008 – Hey Jethro, we gotta keep low for a bit. I know we had to sort out Andrew Shaef cause he was getting too close, but PK said we are goofing around way too much and drawing suspicion to ourselves more than we should – when we want the blame on Wayne 🙂 You were pretty crazy in the car on the set of ‘Wrong Circle’ and hopefully no one will really study the footage and see what you did, you f’idiot! What you say we head off to Blue Mountains for the weekend and do some propa planning? PK said he would bung us a few hundred to lay low – he might come up and talk about time for Susan week after next? Not sure about Larry, he seemed one of the team but he is getting pretty weird now? What do you think? He is filming every ‘deed’, what is he doing with the footage? Jeth

4 From Peter Killyn to Jethro Sachs 17 Jan 08. Hi Jethro as we discussed your going to have to take the ‘evidence’ down to the hospital. It will be safe to leave them on the bench outside. It may take 3 of you to carry the ‘package’ so grab whoever is around and pretend the package is drunk or something. Get a radio student or someone who doesn’t really get ‘filmmaking’ – it is easy to pull the wool over their eyes. I have got Larry to prepare the Urn and it should tip over just as we rehearsed…The director of ‘Kitchen Think’ is pretty nieve and won’t know about the dangers of moving the hot water. Larry for some reason is keen to be running a making of and focusing on this. But let him have his way – he is useful at this stage. Best Peter

5 From Larry Sully to Wayne Wall 10 Mar 2008 – Hey Wayne, geddit (Haywain) ah well. So we are all set for your glass jumping extravaganza. I have spoken to the director of Time for Susan about your stunt and they are really keen. The sugar glass has been ordered and will probably arrive on the day, if not we will find a solution. Thing is for you to really go for it as rehearsed and I will be capturing a second angle for posterity – will let you have the footage for your own portfolio. Anyways see you on the 12th Best Larry

Library Hidden Items

I placed these on Sat at 3.30 so they wont be tampered with…GH – to use the library codes as hidden clues on web and noticeboards…as if placed by other students wanting to draw attention to the situations…

1.    Print out of twitter conversation – “Film Makers Speak” 791.4.3.0922 2

2.    MEMO: Blash to Mark Warden – “Where does it happen Casevetees” 791.43 0233 7

3.    MEMO: Blash to Peter Killyn – “Oxford Fairy Tales 398.2.7

4.    MEMO: Blash to Catherine – “New Graphic Design School” 741.6 14

5.    MEMO: Gary to Peter Killyn about Sully – “Creating a Role, Stanislavski” 792.028 31

6.    MEMO: Blash to Ivan – “Crafty Screenwriting” 808.23 134

7.    PICTURE: Holy Water Fire accident “How did they do it – SFX” 778.5345 23

8.    PICTURE: Wrong Circle car accident “Love Actually script” 791.4372 2

Profiles of Students to print as reports KM

Profile of Accident Prone Student: Wayne Wall – Wayne Wall is one of the more good natured film students of this year’s intake. However, many of the students have voiced their concerns about working with him since his accident-prone predisposition wrecks havoc on every film shoot. Not only have his accidents caused every production to blow out the budget, be he has inadvertently endangered the lives of others as well as himself. It is the recommendation of all traffic and safety officers—and the bus driver—that he be removed from film production altogether, and encouraged to write scripts—perhaps in a padded room containing only a soft bean bag, a pack of crayons and butchers paper. Upon talking to him, I suspect that Wayne may have subconscious death-wish brought about by guilt of the death of his t win brother at the age of three. I support the recommendation above. Writing may help him resolve his survivor’s guilt and release his full creative potential.

Profile of Students – Jethro Sachs, Benjamin Barker and Sean Hall – Jethro Sachs is the ring leader of the tria involved in the deliberate jack-ass activities that have wreaked havoc on not only their own film shoot—but also two subsequent shoots. Jethro exhibits strong sociopathic tendencies: he shows not remorse for the ‘accidents’ he has inflicted upon others; his behaviour –even in the canteen is unpredictable, episodic and verging on the psychotic; his ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ behaviour is written into his scripts which revolve around self-indulgent narcissistic characters hell-bent on the destruction of others. Jethro’s presence at AFTRS creats a mental health risk to all those with whom he interacts. His behaviour warrants immediate suspension, and failure to act upon this recommendation may result in rather expensive litigation.

Report on Snuff Movie Student: Larry Sully I have been approached by two students on two separate occasions regarding the disturbing behaviour of Larry Sully. It appears the Sully has been filming ‘accidental deaths’ with the intention of making a ‘snuff movie’—the point of which is to create a dramatic calling card to join the ranks of Hollywood film directors. Many of the students are uneasy about the depth of his delusions and freaked out about the ramifications this may have for them in crewing for him. I have interviewed Sully on the subject and he is quite morbidly obsessed about his intended claim to fame. I have read his script which he intends to shoot sequentially from beginning to end, and I have grave reservations for the safety of the actor playing the main character. Given that there have been some serious accidents—which he ‘just happened’ to be filming, I recommend immediate expulsion until his situation can be reviewed by a psychiatrist. Failure to act upon my recommendation may result in litigation by more than one party.

Various In-Story Notices for Boards

1. an old notice made up by Larry Sully looking for unsuspecting actors – YOUNG ACTORS WANTED if you are looking for your’BIG BREAK’ into HOLLYWOOD, ring Larry Sully for more information 0419 570 965

The Exorcism – Draft GH


All present in the space must now take one of the chanting pages (at least 1 page for 4 people) and speak this together – slowly and ONCE only. Wait for 30 seconds before going to the next step

1.    Break this spell, end this evil

2.    With this couldren and this ladel

3.    Send it back, six times thus

4.    Your darkness has no hold on us

5.    By cleansing water and power of Chiro

6.    Let harm leave this place forever

7.    To any who wish us further pain

8.    May all their planning be in vain

9.    Harm to none and Good to All

10. Dreams and demons hear our call

All present in the space must continue the low ooohhmmm and then chant





chanting louder






Present Day Twitter Stream


Draft prior to making live

Jethrosachs: do you still think about what it would be like if Sean were still here?

benjaminbarker: @jethrosachs every day

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker I told you only half a rev clockwise

benjaminbarker @jethrosachs we’ve been over this

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker you took it too far

benjaminbarker @jethrosachs we all did, you were chief larrakin as I recall

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker you were the directing student!

benjaminbarker @jethrosachs I can still see his twisted body after he was thrown across the set

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker if you’d only listened to me he might be making films with us today

benjaminbarker @jethrosachs with us? lol

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker I’ve just got dev funding through for a feature and I want you on board

benjaminbarker @jethrosachs You’re crazier than you were at film school if you think I’d work with you again. Even twitter is too close for comfort

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker Come on, I know you haven’t been able to go back on set since, this could be your big break

benjaminbarker @jethrosachs don’t patronise me you psycho

Jethrosachs: @benjaminbarker you’re the psycho barber boy



Written, directed and produced: Gary Hayes and Catherine Gleeson with help from Daphne Paris and Kathy Mueller


Madame Blash: Prof. Katherine Blashki, Director Research and Education

Peter Killyn the psychotic lecturer: Peter Millynn, Director Production and Resources

Male police officer: Peter Giles, Director Digital Media

Female police officer: Angelique Vermue

Daphne Paris: herself, Production Executive Production and Resources

The Beast 66.6 FM “The DJ”: Byron Webb, Lecturer Radio

The Beast 66.6 FM caller 1 “Steve”: Gary Hayes, Director Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP)

The Beast 66.6 FM caller 2 “Julie”: Cassandra Joslyn, Coordinator Foundation

Lisa Olesen in the Production Office: herself, Production Supervisor Production and Resources

Fiona Whalley in the Production Office: herself, Coordinator Production and Resources

Tony Bosch: himself, School Grip

Concerned Girl in Main Theatre: Cassandra Joslyn, Coordinator Foundation

MC presentation to Police in Main Theatre: Ruth Cullen, Head of Documentary


Almost everyone in the school


Call sheet, location list, cast list, crew list, accident and daily report creation: Daphne Paris

Blog and character writing: Kathy Mueller, Peter Giles & Gary Hayes

Twitter and Facebook characters & setup: Peter Giles & Catherine Gleeson

Screenplay extension, cast, crew and location lists: Julia Avenell

Lead prop creator: Annie Wright

Prop support: Jason Ness

Filler noticeboard creation: Natalie Spence and Angelique Vermue

Collusion in clue planting: Library people

Print room support and signage: Michelle, Marilyn, Wendy

Dry ice pickup: Ian Brown

Photography: Linda Chang

Video capture: William Harrison-Smith

Video capture Michael Vanderveer

Website production (8), photography, video editing, sound design, planning wiki, designer, writer: Gary Hayes

Print designs, video production, visual & production designer: Catherine Gleeson


This is the first diagram of the game which is in constant development at the moment – please note a final one will be circulated on Monday a week before the ARG

This structure is based on the 6 levels of backstory above. In essence we would hope the students will

1.    Cover back-storys 1-3a up to the BBQ 10.30-12.15

2.    Cover storys 4-5 after lunch and fire alarm 1.15-3

3.    Final reveal of BabeII curse at the reporting session to the police 4-4.30 followed by exorcism of Blash

▪      Possibly before the students arrive they are sent an ‘enigmatic’ (tba) SMS suggesting something is amiss at AFTRS

▪      Definitely a few ‘strange’ emails will be sent to whole school…perhaps one from Blash, another from a student who left??

▪      10.00am THEATRE: Formal introductions by AFTRS CEO and course tutors. KB silent strange intro.

▪      10.30am GROUND FLOOR: The students will then be set a faux task – get into teams and with the printed maps explore & map the school. Also write a story to be presented at around 4pm about the areas they explore, careful about what they observe. “A story about what the building and ambience says to you. You will be in teams to represent different aspects of what you find…” Allocate roles…

▪      10.45 While they move through the areas certain items come to light (strange posted messages, bodies marked in studios etc:) They will pick up on this and document it – laptops, one notepad per team. They will collect clues (prior they will notice police wandering from 11.45…)

▪      12.15 FRONT GARDEN – BBQ: Various clues collected they will be talking about this over the BBQ. At around 1.05pm two police officers break up the lunch (megaphones…) and ask for students help. A report to be generated at 3pm! Allowed into student area.

▪      1.15 STUDENT AREA: Students start to explore student area properly…lots of clues pointing at KB and PM.

▪      2.30 STAFF AREA: Explore staff areas – specifically Peter Killyns and Madame Blash’s area.

▪      3.00 FRONT GARDEN GATHER: Suddenly an all school fire alarm. This will reinforce a last minute cover-up attempt by the ‘powers that b – kb’ or at least to scupper the investigative students. While outside cops say please get reports for theatre…strange blair witchy things on trees…

▪      3.45 THEATRE: Allowed back in theatre and police hear reports (CG/GH to have evidence ready for screen display). At end Madame Blash tries to get rids of cops, weird film, blash flips! Reveal of exorcism ripped up notes in book…

▪      4.25 ALL SCHOOL: Final rush around school collecting ingredients tbd. Also MBlash is taken to front lawn to wait…

▪      4.45 FRONT GARDEN: Final ceremony…two parts. Peter Killyn confesses, and MBlash is cleansed (then introduces morning session)

▪      5.00 FRONT GARDEN – HOME: Finish

This is a draft map suggesting a numbered route we will ask all students to follow. Teams will start at different numbers in the sequence but all will have to complete the route. The suggestion is there is something at each number which they have to add into their story…observe what is there, team write, create an innovative story or just used found things. An alternative task is to ask them to map the school, work out what each area is on a blank map to be discussed – perhaps both.



▪      Medallions – to buy GET MAIN SYMBOL GH at BJs

▪      Writing and generation of memos/emails from Blash, Killyn, Andrew Stiff & student profiles – GH (official ones)/ CG (student to student ones)

▪      TONS of printing of memos & profiles & dupe some of Daphnes – Angelique (we will create text etc)

▪      Radio show – 1hr GH +group

▪      Tony Boshe Film + upload to YouTube & 1 DVD for library (special clue link) – 1hr GH

▪      Props full list – gravestones, road kill + cat for trees & twiggy things, body outline, flat blood, CG 1hr

▪      Accident creation photos and prints – 6 – 2hrs CG

▪      5 Library book placements (get numbers and titles) – retro safety postcards 20+ GH Shannons office

▪      Babe/MadMax Mashup – CG visual 1hr GH synch sound 1hr

▪      Crane brochure – CG 30mins

▪      Front Babe II Plaque – CG visual

▪      Tombstone plaque dead crew 1 only…”RIP here lies Dane McGraw, Gaffer 1970-1998 who died tragically during the jinxed production of Babe II filmed on this site”

▪      Year photo for foyer – 100 students GH –

▪      Maps – Ground floor vanilla with key (to fill in) include top floor small inset (with out of bounds until 1pm), sign on door of student area saying “Construction work no Foundation Students until further notice” – *Route on ground floor with numbered areas for ‘story creation’ GH/CG

▪      Costumes – police, cloak, CG

▪      Australian News Online copy PG

▪      AFTRS sucks padding GH

▪      Beast pictures GH

▪      Facebook creation – two students, Andrew Stiff, – Cass

▪      Google Calendar – Cass if time referencing wiki

▪      Faux website conspiracy – Safety Site CG (get text off Daphne)

▪      CurseCleanse site – linked to Print of CHANT EXORCISM…(make exorcism document) – write a chant in 2 sections GH

▪      Reports and certificates and profiles – Daphne

▪      Production folders for 6 films as below – Julia

▪      6 Film posters – Angel (crane), Time for Susan (glass) , Wrong Circle (car crash), Holy Water (fuel burn) Fear of Life (gun/needlework), Kitchen Think (urn burn) – CG

▪      Twitter accounts – as now…get names – GH

▪      Sign on tree as per medallion – CG

▪      Final cheat sheet for staff – and note to staff to be in cover up mode (defensive) – GH/CG



Box Office – A romp through the life and times of the greatest dancer of the 20th century – Rudolph Nureyev. An intimate and thrilling look at Nureyev’s adventures including his daring escape attempt through a 3rd floor window at the Moscow Ballet in 1957 and his unusual relationship with a small ferret named Petrushka.

Friday on My Mind – Inspired by the song of the same name, a young woman attempts to make every day a Friday. With the help of some friends, a bucket of glue, some string and a kelpie named Sugar-Babe, she might just get there…

Born to be Bad – It’s hard to be a teenage rebel when your family is so nice to you all the time. Despite Terry’s many and various misdemeanours his family stubbornly maintain that he was “Born to Be Good”. In order to change their bad opinion of him, he must up the ante and make the ultimate statement of all time…

Newsbreak – After 3 decades in the business, an ageing TV anchor woman is tiring of her career. She yearns for a break from the news-desk every night at 6pm. Little does she know, that her “News-Break” will arrive in ways she could never have imagined.

1.    8 Mar 08 Actor/Dancer vaults through open window while doing an airborne leg split during shot; Film: Box Office Photo Back: Dance studio or Brent St studios

Lands on inadequate crash matting off set. Breaks hip, never dances again.

Ignoring Safety Assessment and Management recommendations.

Improper planning to allow for enough crash matting and falling distance.

Lack of expert consultation, planning, testing and preparation and communication

2.    26 Aug 08 Student crew shooting on a busy street. Film: Dead Girl Running

Actor/student busy in character runs across traffic and is hit by a car. No traffic management, traffic control and/or permission.

3.    28 Aug 08 Explosives go wrong: Film: Born to be Bad Photo Back: Car park at back…

Students ignore the pyrotech’s instruction to not walk onto set on ‘cut’ before it is cleared. Unexploded ordinance blasts through student’s thong.. Not wearing correct footwear ignoring instructions.

4.    14 Sep 08 Student tripping and knocking themselves unconscious. Film: Newsbreak Photo Back: Studio cable scene

During a shot, actor/student walks backwards while ‘in character’ and trips on cable ‘spaghetti junction’ that snake through the set.

5.    15 Dec 08 Collapsing studio set. Film: Friday on My Mind Photo Back: Studio 3 set wall…

Students erect themselves a temporary set in a hurry and don’t brace or support it properly. Best boy with ladder knocks one of the struts accidentally and the whole thing collapses on top of actors and crew.


▪      FOR GAME PUPPETMASTERS: Written instructions for start (their faux task) and running script for day (production script) – based on this wiki

▪      WRITING: General writer required for writing of clues, documentation, some dialogue, website stories and role plays

▪      CASTING: Allocation of cast – for roleplay elements. Police, distraught parents, EQ store keeper, other staff roles tba

▪      PROPS/FX: Sirens for bbq police

▪      SETUP: Computers to be setup and wiki access (to share clues)

▪      NEWS DESK/s: At least two cam and desk with lights setup if students want to do a report tbd

▪      MORE ANECDOTES: Specially written piece for Tony Bosch (talks about some student accidents, cut-off as if censored)


▪      Student to film allocation, deaths, new names – CG/GH

▪      Some kind of yearbook – CG/GH

▪      School annual photo for foyer area CG/GH

▪      Cutting of video elements, Tony Bosch and others. Some to be placed on web others on DVDs around school – GH

▪      Plague and tombstone for front lawn spaces – DP props, CG Babe II info

▪      Three Student profile/report documents (report about mental health) – 1 JackAss (3 students), 2 Snuff/psycho Student, 3 Mr. Bean student (shoelace) – KM

▪      Safety reports & death notes – DP, KM

▪      Call Sheets & DPRs for each film – DP

▪      6 Egyptian Cat Icons placed around school (perhaps code?) – GH

▪      Placement of treasure chests tba – GH/CG

▪      Library books to be ‘infiltrated’ – notes etc –

▪      Various posters and notes placed around school boards

▪      Studio ‘death scene’ police tape –

▪      Writing of full reports of accidents (synopsis of each film in production too)

▪      Maps 1 for walk-around and another with key and other information

▪      Photographs, psds of accidents – 6 various. Could be on cards/files



▪      AFTRS ignores

▪      the right to CHOOSE!

▪      the right to LIFE without FEAR!!

▪      (crossed off is the right to life without fear, and below it is written…

▪      the right freely EXPRESS one’s CREATIVITY!!!

. an old notice made up by Larry Sully looking for unsuspecting actors (in the library? taken from the NIDA notice board? In RUSSELL WAINWRIGHT’S OFFICE?)


▪      if you are looking for your

▪      BIG BREAK

▪      into


▪      ring Larry Sully for more information

▪      0419 570 965

sms before students arrive: BEWARE the AFTRS BILL OF HUMAN RIGHTS…

explicit bits of information dropped into conversation to different students:

▪      last year’s students were very weird; AFTRS spent most of their time in damage control.

▪      there’s a cover up going on that the media needs to know about.

▪      students have disappeared with out a trace.

▪      a coroner has been called in on several occassions

▪      susan jones was meant to meet me after a film shoot but she never showed up and i never saw her again.

▪      you’re on teh inside–find out what’s really happening

▪      due to libel laws i cant mention names, but be careful of a particular staff member who is psychopathic

▪      students in teh know, used the library to secret away information.

▪      if you could find a death certificate we can blow this wide open


Jimmy Jib Crane brochure


▪      4 small 8/10 photo frames – Bought Gary

▪      A master book/chest, for major clues – Bought Gary

▪      Two fridge jot boards – Bought Gary

▪      Large A3 photo frame for Year photo – Bought Gary

▪      more…


These are references after the physical placement of various documents, images and some props.

People helping out with the ARG

▪      Annie Wright – will help create props including:

blood-stained flats for Studio 3,

whip, sword and knife

outline of body in Studio 3

police uniforms x 2 (need to confirm who police are‚

mummified cat

pile of student ashes

tombstone for under tree outside

▪      Julia Avenell will help bulk up some film production folders by fleshing out screenplay, cast, crew and location lists – maybe fake production designs?

▪      Natalie Spence – will create a whole lot of “filler” material for the student noticeboards eg: Looking for Extras, Lost Pets, birthday party invites, Furniture for sale, Housemates, Where’s my mug?, Auditions, Selling cars etc.

▪      Distribution Helpers for thursday/friday

Sal Browning

Paula Lane

Julia Avenell

▪      Nicola Bridle and someone else (Peter Giles?)‚confirm that they will play police-people

▪      Michelle from Print Room ‚ will create Dymo tag ‚To be Shredded‚ and will stick on pigeonhole outside Print Room

▪      Wendy and Marilyn‚ will keep an eye on ‚memo‚ sitting on or next to tray in Photocopy room next to Print Room, will also loan us retro ‚safety‚ posters if we need. Will help us print them as postcards to sit in Avante-Carde stand in cafe.

▪      Peter Millynn‚ will play the role of psychotic lecturer in the afternoon

▪      Daphne Paris, will be available to relate Babe2 ‚history‚ (including her own ‚mysterious‚ illness while directing the film). Will also be available to make student‚records‚ available in her office for Foundation students.

▪      Lisa and Fiona from the Production office will play along with Foundation students marauding their office

▪      Tony Bosch‚ will help with any technical information we need esp re. cranes/jibs, will also do a piece to camera (probably Weds – GH/CG to script)

▪      Kim Rigby from Radio‚ will set up a radio show ‚during-in‚ (GH has scripted already)

Cass and Peter to play “Julie” and “Steve” respectively

▪      Peter Giles‚ has offered to help in which ever way he can (he‚ got Executive that morning till early arvo)

▪      Library people‚ need to be worded up on students invading Library ‚ possible role-playing?

Last Minute Things – Sat Sun

▪      Have created a not too shabby’ safesets holding site (60 pages, 20 videos etc) at (needs a nice banner and could have some film posts – to do). Most items as pages from the top bar drop down.


▪      Gary to go into AFTRS around 2pm and place library clues (need email prints for that – Peter?) – have to list the book nos etc:

▪      Catherine to do visual of BabeII/MadMax mashup

▪      Facebook creation for Larry Sully – PG Need reference before Sunday so we can post on noticeboards…

▪      CurseCleanse site – need to change to new exorcism – GH

▪      Need to print – ritual sheets and make them look ancient…also need at least 15 copies for final scene outside…

▪      Need reports and certificates from Daphne for GH and CG to place around on Sunday…

▪      Print pictures of Accidents for Peter Killyns desk – GH

▪      Print Crane Ad for Tony’s notice board – add clues to this handwritten – CG or GH?

▪      Get colour ‘somethings’ for out of hat selection on Monday – need 48 items, in 6 colours…


▪      Gary & Catherine to spend 11am-4pm or so placing the many and various clues & progression of story around the school

▪      Really need to tie down ‘blank’ map for main exercise – CG/GH

▪      Front BabeII plaque – CG

▪      To make sure we have a dead body and police tape in one of the studios.

▪      Sign on trees as per medallion signs

Sun eve

▪      Do a cheat sheet as basic running order for all staff and include ‘how they are meant to act’ – GH/CG

▪      Do a dummy script for those who are role playing – eg: PM, KB, PG and a couple of others – so they have timings and references

▪      Also write a brief for Tony Bosch so he can do answer the ‘did this happen’ question as cover up LIVE – even just print the Wiki reference of Films for him…suggest we recruit a few other stooges to answer these questions live (thoughts)

▪      Gary to do synch sound on BabeII/MadMax mashup

▪      Opening order for day – to make sure the ‘faux’ task is clear and will motivate them. Also suggest we have notepads for them etc:

Little things

▪      String for blair witch bit to hang items

▪      Dry ice

▪      Sticky hook for front Class of 2008

Would it be possible for Katherine to send a mail to all new foundation students before mon morning, along the lines of, combination (please fiddle with):

1 “Whatever you hear, the school had nothing to do with it…” 2 “I look forward to seeing you all on Monday, but I am not feeling myself at the moment…” 3 “The school must forget it’s past and look forward to the future…” 4 “and remember – Foreward Firesleep Atmospheres ”

the last item is an anagram of “The Power of Sleep is for Dreamers” – and suggest we really ham up the ‘Narcolepsy’ (and evil doing) curse that Madame Blash has now fallen under during the game…especially the opening and last scene which could be sleep disorder based. CG we need to really make that clear in clues and I will make sure it is clearly stated on – but physical ones would be useful…

Finally Madame Blash as we know is on twitter – login in password is evildoer – for those who may want to pad out the discussion that is already started with the two ‘bad alumis’