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Oct 112008

There have been a few lists published in blogs and mags recently attempting to filter out the most reputable marketing and/or media Australian blogs but which one should we pay most attention too, if any?

I was surprised when this (personalizemedia) ‘rather personal’ intermittent blog appeared 9th place on the local Australian Adspace’s list back in June but even more surprised when it charted in the top 250 on the international AdAge Power 150 Marketing and Media list. Things have gotten a little more confusing as there is now another list compiled by BandT marketing magazine, based on AdSpace’s list which itself is based on AdAges.

Julian Cole (AdSpace) has further created an updated second list which is already different from the one published a week earlier in BandT, includes a new metric and also now includes Australians working overseas (vs just those based on these shores). But I am not going to delve into any of the politics but rather wonder what the purpose of these lists are really for? Independent voices promoting themselves, a resource for local Australian companies looking for good social media advice or just plain vanity on the part of those (like me here and now) bleating on about it?

Regardless I have created another list, but this time a direct lift of the top ten Australian ‘registered’ media and marketing blogs on AdAge’s Power 150 – if they are good at marketing then they should be on this list. AdAge has had a consistent nine categories of measurement vs other lists that are in flux. They are:

  1. Todd’s Rank
  2. Yahoo Inbound Links
  3. Technorati Rank
  4. Technorati Inbound Blogs
  5. Technorati Inbound Links
  6. Collective Intellect Rank
  7. Alexa Traffic
  8. Bloglines Subscribers
  9. Google Page Rank

So without further ado these are the top ten Australian media and marketing blogs as at mid Oct 2008 – I include their overall international position to aid reputation assessment internationally.

1. ProBlogger – Darren Rowse

“Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 6

2.Bannerblog – Ashley Ringrose

“Where Banners Click”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 76

3.AcidLabs – Stephen Collins

“Strategies, Tools and Processes to Empower Knowledge Workers”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08):132

4. Servant of Chaos – Gavin Heaton

“There is much to write and much to read … we are essentially living in a world of chaos.”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 133

5. Social Network Marketing – Laurel Papworth

Online Communities & Social Networks are changing the way our society interacts, at a local, Australian & global level. Participatory journalism & user generated content provide us with the mechanism to observe, record & dissect the changes. Marketing & P.R. are changing. Interesting times bring interesting discussions – the DIALOGUE is the CONTENT!

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 137

6. Young PR – Paull Young

“Discussing issues affecting PR Students and New Practitioners”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 147

7. Get Shouty – Katie Chatfield

“This blog is a celebration of: being passionately wrong; being fearlessly right; allowing authenticity to shine; the fold over funny; and, above all, the power of not taking yourself too seriously.”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 207

8. Better Communication Results – Lee Hopkins

“Innovative and passionate communication for innovative and passionate communicators”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 223

9. Personalizemedia – Gary Hayes

“The Digital, Personalized You in Immersive Media Worlds.”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 233

10. Adspace Pioneers – Julian Cole

“Julian Cole”

AdAge Power 150 Position (Oct 08): 305

  8 Responses to “Australia’s Top 10 Media and Marketing Blogs – AdAge”

  1. Thanks for the inclusion of ProBlogger. Whichever list you go with – there are some fantastic blogs going around in our country – great to see them all getting so much promotion of late!

  2. Unfortunately, in terms of ranking blogs, it does not include subscriber numbers which do actually provide a consistent form of readership. However, adding subscription numbers via a formula could provide a real sense of the spread of your social media footprint.


  3. Thanks Darren and Stella – agree that having subscribers in the mix is important but getting access to subscribers data for everyone’s blog would be pretty tough! rss direct, rss feeders that relay the feed on, subs to built in blog email alerts and digests, subs to sidebar widgets etc: I hear you can get some data but not all and therefore not transparent enough (we can all go check cause we don’t trust those back door figures!). But would be nice to see some kind of open system to poll all blogs for this info.

    I would also like to see a measurement of ‘dwell’ taken into account – how long folk stay and read those lovely words, oh and then comments, oh and then citation, oh and then… – stop there heh 🙂

  4. So Darren, you finally found a way to best me on AdAge. Kidding old friend. 🙂

    Gary, I’ve stumbled across your blog today based on your subject matter. You’re exploring all the fantastic near-future issues that impact media and marketing (not just online, all over it), and it does my producer heart good to see how well versed you are in the space.

    You’ve got a loyal subscriber as of today. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

  5. Hey Brian, Just spotted this – been busy 🙂 Thanks for the compliment and as a member of the mutual admiration/appreciation society can I say your blog/s are exemplary too – in fact totally put this little effort in the shade – but I won’t mention that! – absolutely will get in touch if we are in synch on any key issues, or if I just need some google juice 🙂
    Best Gary

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  7. Another list, this time direct order from AdAge “Australia’s Top 10 Media and Marketing Blogs – AdAge” twurl.nl/47np1g

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