If you are anything like me you probably have many blogs on the go. I stupidly set myself the task of maintaining the following blogs, wikis and a few web 1.0 sites:

LAMP, JustVirtual, Watercooler, GaryHayes.tv, Cubrisound, LAMP Wiki, MUVEDesign and a host of sharing portal channels, other wikis, forums and commercial sites which you can see on my Wikipedia profile.

Anyway I often find posts that could sit on more than one site and for some bizarre reason I have refrained from cross-posting. High standards? Making multiple blogs redundant, who knows. So there will be a quick burst of recent posts from other sites, which have a slightly different editorial stance – but will at least reduce the dreaded ‘blog-guilt’. And to part two of this brief, superficial post, I hearby claim for the world a new ‘conjugative (adj.)’ word


BLOGUILT n. 1. A feeling of inadequacy and self-reproach that comes from being time poor and not posting regularly to one or more blogs 2. Remorseful awareness of having done something wrong by not posting 3. Sinful feelings due to posting something weak and inferior due to the fact that you just should post something because it has been a while since the last one.