… where any type of media you want is available at anytime. Not just limited to on-demand TV, Film or music, but life experiences – education, self-awareness, community, immersive reality, multi-player games and the obligatory shopping. Now imagine you can have consistent versions of all of this wherever you are – on your large home screen, your lean forward PC or your multitude of mobile devices. In this universe of on-demand everything you will have to choose personally relevant content from billions of items and services. There is so much available with so little time to find it. What you don’t know you don’t know, so how will you find ‘what you want’ and more importantly, how do you ‘know’ what you want?

In this world where the mass market has vanished, agents representing your interests travel the physical and virtual media world to hunt down what it ‘knows’ you want and need. These agents ‘with your permission’, use everything they know about you to get the best for you – not just on what you have experienced already but in cross-related areas such as your food menu preferences, emotional and intelligence quotients, favourite travel destinations, friends likes and dislikes, local events, browsing habits, your talents and so on. In the 1960’s an advertiser could reach 85% of US females with a spot aired on three of the main network stations – today you would need to run the same add on 150 channels to reach the same audience. This has become a world where scheduled, lowest common denominator programming is dead and people really trust their agents – where content needs to find ‘you’ rather than everyone having to browse a hundred thousand disconnected portals or use crude search engines which only go a fraction of the way there.

Posted by: © Gary Hayes 2005