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Jul 232008

My slides below from my presentation at one of Australia’s industries leading advertising conferences yesterday which I had previously blogged about “The Advertising and Marketing Summit” It was a jam packed room with around 400 attendees of marketing movers and shakers. I closed the second day with the talk on ‘engaging in virtual communities’ followed by a great talk on Word of Mouth Marketing from Piers Hogarth-Scott, CEO, Yooster & Trustee.

The general tone of the two days seemed to be the usual big broadcast ‘dry-up’, mobile is not quite here and the ramp up of ‘online’ marketing. Sadly online, as a platform, which to me is a multi-faceted beast (basically it is everything that has been before and much more) is still seen by this particular segment of the industry as only about search and web 1.0 push. Laurel Papworth at least raised some questions at the end about making sure companies seriously consider Social Media Marketing at executive level and my key points at the end were get in there, spend time and really understand the culture in the vast range of virtual worlds before making a decision to do any R&D or full blown campaigns.

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  1. My slides from Ad and Marketing Summit yesterday (Marketing Ops in SVWs) – nice pictures if nothing else 🙂 tinyurl.com/6cgh8f

  2. Really like the gen V idea… and interesting to see those figures on women gamers, especially older ones.

    So.. we\’ve replaced \’a cup of tea, a bex and a good lie down\’ with \’a glass of vino, broadband and a good 2 hours in a social virtual world?\’

  3. Hello Gary Hayes,

    My names is Kelvin Dart, I’m currently finalising my masters degree in business marketing at RMIT.

    As part of the curriculum we are completing a research project and I’m conducting some qualitative research on the implications of Second Life Consumer Brand Knowledge.

    I’m wondering if you could spare some time over the coming weeks to discuss some background in regarding your work relating specifically to the Pond and ABC Island.

    Once completing my research project (due to be complete November year) I’d be happy to exchange my results and conclusions with you. My contact address is k_dart@hotmail.com.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Kelvin Dart

  4. RT @tweetmeme Marketing Opportunities in Social Virtual Worlds | PERSONALIZE MEDIA bit.ly/U4QEj

  5. Marketing Opportunities in Social Virtual Worlds – bit.ly/9RbedO via @GaryPHayes

  6. Marketing opportunities in social virtual worlds bit.ly/mKu19

  7. I still think, word of mouth marketing is by far the most effective form of marketing -but it surely requires a lot of time to bear fruits.

  8. Archive: : Marketing Opportunities in Social Virtual Worlds t.co/bXfvQeUR

  9. Archive: : Marketing Opportunities in Social Virtual Worlds t.co/bXfvQeUR

  10. Archive: : Marketing Opportunities in Social Virtual Worlds t.co/bXfvQeUR

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