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Game Generator

 Posted by on July 22, 2009 at 12:57 pm  Add comments

Install Shockwave PlugIn First from here. Game Generator v 0.1a 07/09 – In progress

“For teachers and students to come up with the seeds of a new game”!


Click ( or press the corresponding letter) on each of the lines to generate a cool combination of your ‘new game’ attributes. ONLY click once and use your game design prowess to work within the first click contraints!

Suggest that Genre, Players and Type are the main three – the other two are there for ‘detailing’

  • GENRE – Is the game’s thematic world
  • STYLE – The major activity undertaken as a user
  • PLAYERS – How many, and with or against whom
  • OBJECTIVE – The purpose of the game
  • TYPE – The game format or platform
  • Devised by Gary Hayes
  • Programmed by Gary Hayes

  4 Responses to “Game Generator”

  1. Thank you Gary, also very helpful for defining!! 😀

  2. Hi Gaz
    I just cant get the games generator to run on any machine -says its referenced to an incorrect shockwave move on one tablet and on my main machine the screen remains resolutely blank…was hoping to show some kids in Canberra tomorrow

  3. I cannot play this game, this game needed Adobe Shockware Player required. What should I do?

    • Hi John – yes these are some simple flash or director builds I did for fun. They work fine on a web browser on pc/mac with the right plugin, although Internet Explorer I never consider a web browser anymore, but I have tried all the others, chrome, firefox, safari etc

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