One of those short, viral referral posts – a friend just sent me a link to a short video which at first looked a little odd, in a “why-did-he-send-me-this” kind of way, but then it hit me…the dedication, down right hard work and skill/talent that went into this piece was soon superceeded by the fact that what we have here is a wonderful media meshing, metaphor – a physical ‘mesh-up’ rather than mash-up.

The message that hits you half way through is that when at first it seemed odd, perhaps a waste of time, suddenly the art kicks in, a new form, a new kind of medium – you begin to enjoy it, something new is created out of pairing potential, two things that have previously not been ‘as well’ connected. OK may be looking way too deeply into this – but welcome to the wonderful world of the ‘connection is the message‘. Anyway here is the link to Chris Bliss. Stick with it too!

Posted by Gary Hayes ©2006