(Embed code below!) 1000 decorative, randomised quotes, 2000-10 by 350+ key thinkers on Social Web, Transmedia, Games, Tech & Social Media Marketing.

I have been trying hard to think of an insightful retrospective post for the end of the decade but decided, that like the decade itself, it might be best to distill a broader perspective than my own blinkered viewpoint 🙂 Also I thought it important to end the decade and try to use the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ (who are slightly ‘otherwise engaged’ at this time of the year!) to aggregate over 1000 lines of wisdom from some of the top social media thinkers. (This is where you come in too…more later).

First though, as you can see above, in true widget style here is my ‘Social Web Words Widget – Quotes of the Decade’ viewer –  a randomly generating display of growing selection of meaningful social media quotes from the past ten years (a few a little earlier!) written or spoken by over 350+ key people in the area (and even a few from me!). After the fold an embed code for you to add this to your own posts/sidebars and more about the viewer and selection.

If you want to embed this on your page just use the code in the box below. Drag select it all then copy/paste into any site. Use this code as I will be regularly updating it with more quotes as I collect them and drop in the ones in your comment stream.

For a 350 pixel wide site or side panel

<object id="Gary Hayes Social Web Word Widget" width="350" height="550" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0" bgcolor="#000000"><param name="quality" value="high"/><param name="src" value="http://www.personalizemedia.com/media/socwebquotes.swf"/><embed id="Gary Hayes Social Web Word Widget" width="350" height="550" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://www.personalizemedia.com/media/socwebquotes.swf" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000"/></object>

Of course this list is far from complete and the version number will be incrementally updating by 0.1 every time there is a significant code improvement or 30 or more wonderful new quotations added. The animations in the viewer makes use of a cool plug-in for Flash CS4 called EFF2.0 which I have utilized in Action Script mode (vs a less useful 1-effect-at-a-time plug-in panel) to produce some nice looking, semi-random text animations. Of course being truly random the possibility is there for the same quote to repeat frequently or if you understand the nature of pure randomness it could loop the same quote endlessly until the end of time 🙂 but lets not go there! The variation of the anims will be refined over the next few days also.

I will also add sometime in the next week a complete list below of all the quotes in the current ‘viewer’, for now though here are some of the people quoted:

Adam Broitman, Al Gore, Alan Cox, Alan Scott, Alec Ross, Alex Lifeson, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Amber Naslund, Andrew Brown, Andrew Grove, Andrew Keen, Andy Hertzfeld, Angela Connor, Anne Marie Kroisi, Anne McCaffrey, Anne Rice, Anon Startup Founder, Armistead Maupin, Arthur Levitt, Avinash Kaushik, Barney Frank, Bell Hooks, Ben Grossman, Benjamin Cohen, Bernard Cornwell, Bill Budge, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bill Murray, Björk, BL Ochman, Bob Dole, Bob Gilbreath, Bob Metcalfe, Bob Taft, Brent Leary, Brian Kalma, Brian Solis, Bryan Weiner, Burton Cummings, C.C. Chapman, Carlos Slim Helu, Carrie Fisher, Carrot Top, Charlene Li, Chip Terry, Chris A. Bridges, Chris Anderson, Chris Brogan, Chris Cannon, Christian Slater, Christopher Meloni, Cindy Margolis, Claudio Reyna, Clay Shirky, Clement Mok, Cliff Stearns, Clifford Stoll, Colin Greenwood, Connie Bensen, Cory Doctorow, Cynthia Gordon, Dale Dougherty, Dan Butler, Dan Millman, Dan Quayle, Dan Zarrella, Daniel Keys Moran, Daniel Pink, Darren Rowse, Dave Barry, Dave Foley, Dave Rosenberg, Dave Rowntree, David Alston, David Armano, David Hasselhoff, David Kenny and Jack Klues, David Meerman Scott, David Rose, David Wilkerson, Deborah Cox, Debra Aho Williamson, Denise Richards, Denise Wakeman, Dennis Hastert, Dennis Miller, Dianne Feinstein, Don Tapscott, Donald Rumsfeld, Donna Rice, Donnie Wahlberg, Dorothy Denning, Dr. BJ Fogg, Dr. Taly Weiss, Dweezil Zappa, Eckhart Tolle, Edgar Winter, Edith Wharton, Elisabeth Rohm, Ellen Muth, Eric Berne, Eric S. Raymond, Eric Schmidt, Eric von Hippel, Esther Dyson, Eugene Jarvis, Eva Longoria, Evan Williams, Fiona Apple, Frank James, Frank Martin, Fred Saberhagen, Gary Hayes, Gary Vaynerchuck, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Wright, Gaurav Mishra, George Osborne, George Osborne, MP, George W.Bush, Guy Kawasaki, Hal Gregersen, Hamilton Jordan, Henry Jenkins, Herb Kohl, Hilary Rosen, Hugh Mackay, Ian Hart, Ian Hislop, Illeana Douglas, Irvine Welsh, Ivan Reitman, J Allard, Jack Dorsey, James Daly, James Marsters, James Packer, Jamie Pappas, Jane Haddam, Jane McGonigal, Jason Mraz, Jay Chiat, Jef I. Richards, Jeff Bezos, Jeff Howe, Jeremiah Owyang, Jeremy Rifkin, Jerry Brown, Jesse James Garrett, Jhumpa Lahiri, Jim Barksdale, Jim Clark, Jim Rohn, Jo Bonner, Joan Blades, Joe Clark, Joel Hodgson, Joel Silver, John Ashcroft, John Battelle, John Campbell, John Cleese, John Doerr, John Doolittle, John Gallagher, John Jay Hooker, John Landau, John Larson, John McCarthy, John McKinley, John Moore, John Munsell, John Patrick, John Perry Barlow, John Romero, John Shadegg, John Turturro, John W. Thompson, Johnny Rivers, Joichi Ito, Jon Postel, Jon Rognerud, Jon Stewart, Joseph Bologna, Joseph Jaffe, Josh Bernoff, Joshua Lederberg, JP Rangaswami, Judith Krantz, Judy Biggert, Judy Collins, Julie Cottineau, Jupiter Research, Katie Couric, Katie Holmes, Ken Jennings, Kenneth Edmonds, Kerry King, Kerry Packer, Kevin Kelly, Kevin Spacey, Kofi Annan, LaithZreikat, Larry Hagman, Larry King, Larry Page, Laurel Papworth, Lawrence Lessig, Lawrence Liu, Layne Staley, Lee Bryant, Li Evans, Li Ka Shing, Linus Torvalds, Liz Strauss, Luis Gutierrez, Magic Johnson, Maki, Marc Benioff, Marc Laidlaw, Marc Maron, Marc Morial, Marc Ventresca, Marcel Lebrun, Marina Gorbis, Marion Jones, Mark Dykeman, Mark E. Smith, Mark Kennedy, Mark Nagurski, Mark Pesce, Mark Stevens, Mark Welsner, Matt Blunt, Matt Dickman, Matt Drudge, Matthew Perry, Meg Whitman, Michael Bolton, Michael Dell, Michael K. Powell, Michael Nesmith, Michael Shermer, Michael Stelzner, Michel de Montaigne, Mick Ralphs, Mike Arauz, Mike Davidson, Mike Fitzpatrick, Mike Royko, Mike Wilson, Mitch Joel, Mitchell Kapor, MT Rainey, Naomi Dunford, Neal Stephenson, Neal Stephensonn, Neil Young, Newt Barrett, Nicolette Sheridan, Niklas Zennstrom, Nora Roberts, Nuno Bettencourt, Omar Bongo, Paul Chaney, Paul Gillin, Paul Miller, Paul Samuelson, Paul Weyrich, Pete Cashmore, Pete du Pont, Peter Benchley, Peter Davison, Peter Jackson, Peter Kim, Peter Nelson, Peter Shankman, Peter Weir, Philip Greenspun, Philip Zimbardo, Phillip Adams, Pierre Omidyar, Piers Anthony, R. A. Salvatore, Randy Bachman, Ravit Lichtenberg, Ray Kurzweil, Razan Khatib, Reed Hastings, Richard Binhammer, Richard Branson, Richard Kern, Richard Kimber, Rick Boucher, Robert Cailliau, Robert Greenwald, Robert Scoble, Roberta Williams, Robin Hayes, Rod Blagojevich, Roger Ebert, Ron Callari, Roy Ayers, Roy H. Williams, Rupert Murdoch, Sally Schneider, Sarah Lacy, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo, Scott Cook, Scott McNealy, Sun, Scott Monty, Seamus Walsh, Sean Booth, Senator Bob Dole, Senator Ted Stevens, Sergey Brin, Seth Godin, Sherman Austin, Sid Meier, Simone Brummelhuis, Skellie, Spencer Bachus, Stacy DeBroff, Stephen Cohen, Steve Balmer, Steve Case, Steve Crocker, Steve Jobs, Steve Woods, Steven Levy, Steven Spielberg, Steven Tyler, Studs Terkel, Sumner Redstone, Suzanne Fields, Ted Nelson, Thomas Dolby, Thomas Friedman, Thomas Menino, Tim Berners-Lee, Tim Jahn, Tim Kring, Tim Page, Tina Brown, Todd Rundgren, Tom Lantos, Tom O’Brien, Tom Peters, Tom Petty, Tony Hsieh, Torley, Trip Hawkins, unknown, Unnamed dog, Uri Geller, Uwe Boll, Vin Diesel, Vince McMahon, Vinton Cerf, W. Bruce Cameron, Wally Schirra, Walter Jon Williams, Warren Buffett, Will Friedle, Will McDonough, Will Wright, William Heath, Wynonna Judd, Yves Behar, Zeid Nasser, Zero Wing, Zhang Ziyi

It would be wonderful if you commented or tweeted any great quotes you would like me to add to the ‘Social Web Quotes of the Decade’ viewer in the next few days and we will all have a great little end of decade widget. There are currently about 310, 350, 510, 670, 696 771 803 included, so about 4/5 of where I would like to get to. Once I have around 1000 I will create mac and pc executables, hyperlinks & transport controls to so you can run as a standalone app full screen and also the single flash link.

So over to you. Which statements on social media, transmedia, personal technology, evolution of the web and democratisation of the media reached out to you. Fire them over and a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!