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 Posted by on July 25, 2006 at 1:08 am  Add comments

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  1. hola a todo el mundo,

    estoy la primera vez aquí y me parece muy, pero muy interesante.


  2. Hola a todos apenas estoy en este proceso conociendo todo lo referente a social media y mi pagina esta en construccion, estoy convencido que aun se puede hacer empresa hoy en dia que hay cosas muy grandes por hacer.

  3. me parece muy interesante

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  5. Estoy recien investigando pero lo visto hasta ahora me pareece llamativo e interesante

  6. Hi Gary,

    in few weeks i will start my own website account. And i would like to present your live-counter.
    Is it possible and if yes what are the conditions?

    Greeting from Germany


    • Hi Reinhold – no problem. Simply embed the counter using the code by clicking the ‘copy embed’ in the bottom left. Easy to do. When I update it then it will update on your site

      Best Gary

  7. Hi Gary,
    Just read your blog, and i’m highly interested in knowing more about interactive story telling, and what you just defined here in optimizing transmedia over all the platforms. I am currently doing my MA in film, and cinema, and part of my thesis touches on these topics. I would greatly appreciate if you could afford me some of your time, perhaps fifteen minutes over skype, or through email, if you prefer, to discuss these issues, and of some ideas I have for a thesis project.

    Thank you
    Kimberly Hennessy

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