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The Count

Original Counter and Post from 24 Sep 2009! SOCIAL MEDIA update Mar 2018 (iPad only at the moment) YouTube mobile videos viewed 1 billion per day – Statistic Brain 2016 www.statisticbrain.com/youtube-statistics/ Photos on...

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Pitch-o-Matic v 0.2 08/09 – In progress A PRESENTATION THEATER SPORTS GENERATOR “For students & media professionals to improve their presentation confidence and improvisational skills”! INSTRUCTIONS (you...

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Game Generator

Install Shockwave PlugIn First from here. Game Generator v 0.1a 07/09 – In progress “For teachers and students to come up with the seeds of a new game”! Instructions: Click ( or press the corresponding letter)...

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Selected, public worldwide conference presentations, many of the PDFs at the bottom given as BBC Senior Development Producer in New Media, BBC Broadcast, later ones as Director of LAMP and Virtual World Developer. Topics include...

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Pervasive Entertainments Times

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