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Windmills of our Transmedia Minds App

Doing a bunch of ARG consultancy and while creating lists of user journey options thought I would create this nice little app to help exercise those ‘cross media’ muscles or drive you bonkers. It is a work in...

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Pitch-o-Matic v 0.2 08/09 – In progress A PRESENTATION THEATER SPORTS GENERATOR “For students & media professionals to improve their presentation confidence and improvisational skills”! INSTRUCTIONS (you...

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Game Generator

Install Shockwave PlugIn First from here. Game Generator v 0.1a 07/09 – In progress “For teachers and students to come up with the seeds of a new game”! Instructions: Click ( or press the corresponding letter)...

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A series of tools Gary has created for hundreds of his workshops and training, designed to help teams generate ideas or quick pitches from assigned stories/genre/intention/business etc: You will need Shockwave and/or Flash...

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Tweet0mator v 1.1 – In progress “For tweeters who are sometimes lost for things to say”! Instructions: RANDOM TWEET: Click on the randomtweetomator button to generate a completely fresh, full, slightly surreal...

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Pervasive Entertainments Times

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