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Jun 082008

We all love lists, funniest, most influential, biggest money earners, largest…and especially top tens/fifties. So it came as a little surprise to find Personalizemedia in the top ten marketing blogs for Australia on Julian Coles ‘Adspace Pioneers’ blog. Personalizemedia was never really set-up as being a traditional marketing blog but more to do with the personal relationship between content and society and/or individual – duh, ah thats what marketing is 😉 Now seeing I am a celeb I might have to blog more than once every two weeks, while waiting for the Oscar style award to arrive on the doorstep. Perhaps I will do my own awards, Top 10 best blog award blogs or how about Top 50 put downs of Second Life or other Social Virtual World by folk who have never used it 🙂 Anyway back to the story…

Julian says he used AdAge Power 150 methodology which sounds good to me – well as long as your in the top ten then the method is academic. He explains more (and I add a snapshot of top ten afterwards)…goes to open the champagne, well OK tonic water…

I decided to make this list in order to shed light on the Australian Marketing Blogosphere and hopefully connect you with some great Australian Marketing thinkers. The ranking system is very similar to the AdAge Power 150 methodology. I have used the same variable to rank the blogs (Google Page Ranks (10), Technorati Authority (10), Technoati Blog Reactions (10), Alexa Page Ranking (10), Bloglines (10). I have also added a Pioneer score (10), this is a subjective score which is scored in terms of the blogs ability to have pioneering thoughts about Marketing. I believe it is our role as Marketing bloggers to discover and inform the rest of the industry about the changing Marketing landscape.

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