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Sep 212009


OK in a ‘top list’ mode at moment and browsing the definitive AdAge media and marketing top 1000 I noticed even more than usual, the dominance of the most communicative country on the planet, the US. In fact of the top 500, the US counts for 327 –  so I crunched the numbers and using the wonders of TextWrangler, filtered out leaders from the rest of the world, the other 173 (who write English) . It produced some interesting top tables and results. Who are the other leading countries, opinionated voices, insightful perspectives, top communicators in media and marketing blogs? Which countries are missing? Who are the leading voices in each country? Also would be interesting to look at gender breakdown, individual versus agency or even age of ‘the voice’ for each blog. But will leave that for others – for now, less get ‘national’!


I added a twitter url to the top 250 – where there was an obvious link on the landing page or the URL in the list. Apologies otherwise, hunting around for twitter feed links takes time and really shouldn’t be needed for marketing blogs top pages!

I separated a country out if it had 3 or more entries in the top 500 and they are listed by most entries (after the US of course!). Interestingly England and Great Britain are separated in the source list hence two tables – last time I was there England was part of Great Britain? 🙂 Finally AdAge (created by Todd Andrlik and managed by Charlie Moran) started looking at the top 150 blogs but now has grown to reflect the massive interest in new forms of human communication (that is marketing/media) but it is a living organism and has subtle changes on a daily basis so the big disclaimer with this list is that it this is a snapshot from yesterday afternoon, 20 September 2009.

The first column is the national position and the third column is the overall global AdAge position. The order is based on number of bloggers in the top 500 then sorted by average position (lower is better). So in order of marketing media, blogging-in-English prowess we have 1st, USA followed by…

2nd ENGLAND – av 281

1 NevilleHobson.com 45 twitter.com/jangles
2 Blogstorm 52 twitter.com/patrickaltoft
3 Nick Burcher 63 twitter.com/nickburcher
4 Crenk 81 twitter.com/crenk
5 russell davies 92
6 Crackunit 137 twitter.com/iaintait
7 This Is HERD 158
8 Welcome to Optimism 170
9 adliterate 178
10 Only Dead Fish 188 www.twitter.com/neilperkin
11 PR Blogger 227 twitter.com/stedavies
12 PR Media Blog 233
13 HERD 246
14 Jims Marketing Blog 264
15 Spinning Around 268 twitter.com/seventyseven
16 The Engaging Brand 269
17 Rubbishcorp 271
18 50-Plus Marketing 272
19 Simon Wakeman 276
20 Technobabble 2.0 277
21 Wadds’ PR Blog 280
22 Life Moves Pretty Fast 288
23 Faster Future 292
24 Social Media Trader 297
25 Make Marketing History 313
26 London Calling 315
27 A PR Guy’s Musings 322
28 Modern Marketing 326
29 Simonsays 333
30 Apple Pie & Custard 337
31 UK Internet Marketing Blog 348
32 Interactive Marketing Trends 351
33 Liberate Media blog 368
34 The Way of the Web 370
35 livingbrands 371
36 Talent imitates, genius steals 394
37 never get out of the boat 404
38 SEOCO Blog 435
39 Drew B’s take on tech PR 445
40 Sturgeon’s Law 472
41 greenormal 489
42 Mediaczar 500

3rd CANADA av 261

1 John Chow dot Com 9 twitter.com/JohnChow
2 Twist Image 23
3 Get Elastic 40 twitter.com/getelastic
4 adgoodness 58 www.twitter.com/fsamuel
5 Web Analytics World 66
6 Dave Fleet 95
7 Dosh Dosh 102
8 Danny Brown 129 twitter.com/DannyBrown
9 Search Engine People Blog 180
10 ideasonideas 181 www.twitter.com/karj
11 The Michel Fortin Blog 184
12 Buzz Networker 195 twitter.com/bizzia
13 Pro PR 201 twitter.com/thornley
14 One Degree 220 twitter.com/onedegree
15 Common Sense PR 253
16 InspiredMoneyMaker.com 266
17 Profectio 282
18 PR Works 287
19 Buzz Canuck 302
20 WebTrafficROI 321
21 BPWrap 352
22 Canadian Marketing Blog 358
23 The Praized Blog 364
24 Behind the Buzz 389
25 Great-Ads 395
26 shape+colour 413
27 My Name is Kate 415
28 David Leonhardt’s SEO Marketing Express 420
29 CrapHammer 437
30 Blogging Me Blogging You 463
31 chroma 473
32 Saul Colt 488

4th AUSTRALIA av 280

1 The Inspiration Room Daily 64 www.twitter.com/inspirationroom
2 ProBlogger 75 www.twitter.com/problogger
3 Bannerblog 110 www.twitter.com/bannerblog
4 Campaign Brief 126
5 Social Network Marketing 156 www.twitter.com/SilkCharm
6 Adspace Pioneers 159 twitter.com/juliancole
7 Digital Buzz 167 twitter.com/adenhepburn
8 acidlabs 221 twitter.com/trib
9 PersonalizeMedia 224 www.twitter.com/GaryPHayes
10 Servant of Chaos 251 twitter.com/gavinheaton
11 AmnesiaBlog 278
12 the threebillion project 283
13 Young PR 314
14 Get Shouty 325
15 Marketing Easy 367 twitter.com/lucio_ribeiro
16 Better Communication Results 390 twitter.com/leehopkins
17 Pigs Don’t Fly 398
18 Media Hunter 401
19 MuMbrella 405
20 CopyWrite 416
21 limeshot design 430
22 Online Marketing Banter 434
23 Retailsmart 459

5th GREAT BRITAIN  av 265

1 Compete Blog 46
2 Econsultancy’s Internet Marketing Blog 67 twitter.com/econsultancy
3 FreshNetworks Blog 94 twitter.com/freshnetworks
4 How To Make My Blog 122 twitter.com/howtomakemyblog
5 We Are Social 157 twitter.com/wearesocial
6 UK Affiliate Marketing Blog 199
7 FeverBee 202
8 SEOptimise 211
9 SEOgadget.co.uk 230 m.twitter.com/richardbaxter
10 Andrew R H Girdwood 285
11 Event Manager Blog 329
12 That Canadian Girl 361
13 Blendingthemix 380
14 Feeding the Puppy 406
15 Connect – Digital Marketing from iCrossing 446
16 further and faster 487
17 No Man’s Blog 497

6th IRELAND av 276

1 Ad Operations Online 144 twitter.com/adoperations
2 Krishna De’s BizGrowth News 165
3 Web Marketing Advice 174 www.twitter.com/tmccar
4 scaryideas 247
5 Search Engine Marketing Blog 339
6 Digitology – THe Digital Marketing Blog 402
7 Murphy’s Law 466

7th INDIA av 242

1 Gauravonomics Blog 90 twitter.com/Gauravonomics/
2 PageTraffic Blog 145 twitter.com/pagetraffic
3 SmartBloggerz 239 www.smartbloggerz.com/twitter
4 Marketing Practice 281
5 Rajesh @ Blogworks 334

8th NETHERLANDS av 134

1 ViralBlog 55 twitter.com/viralblog
2 Yoast – Tweaking Websites 87
3 Osocio 138
4 Wiep.net 256

9th SINGAPORE  av 234

1 WhoIsAndrewWee.com 134
2 blankanvas 193 twitter.com/patlaw/
3 Musings Of An Opinionated Sod 232
4 Cooler Insights 378

10th PORTUGAL av 372

1 Invisible Red 223
2 The Hidden Persuader 356
3 iBlogZone 444
4 A Source of Inspiration 478

11th ITALY av 50

1 I believe in adv 6
2 Adverblog 15 twitter.com/realadverblog
3 AdverBox 128

12th SWEDEN av 215

1 AdLand 116 twitter,.com/adland
2 Blog of Ronnestam 225 twitter.com/ronnestam
3 Media Culpa 304 twitter.com/kullin

13th BELGIUM av 235

1 Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog 54 twitter.com/futurelab_BE
2 Cross The Breeze 303
3 BeRelevant: Email Marketing Best Practices 347

14th SOUTH AFRICA av 301

1 Cherryflava 84 www.twitter.com/cherryflava
2 Vinny Lingham 340
3 Brand Architect 480

REST OF THE WORLD (less than 3 entries)

Bahrain Ads of the World 8 twitter.com/adsoftheworld
Scotland David Airey 25 www.twitter.com/davidairey
Poland Niche Marketing 33
Andorra Direct Marketing Observations 89 twitter.com/marc_meyer
Austria No man is an iland 125
France Cross-Cultural eMarketer 127 twitter.com/cindyking
Andorra Because The Medium is the Message 162
Germany Everything PR 172
Philippines TheWeblogZone 210
European Union Mastercom Advertising & Communication Blog 215
Norway 180/360/720 217
Finland AndreaVascellari.com 244 retwt.me/3Olr
China Digital Marketing Inner Circle 310
Scotland Hobo UK SEO Company Blog 317
Yemen Blueverse 341
New Zealand Psychotactics 354
European Union renaissance chambara 379 twitter.com/@r_c
New Zealand Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Portal 441
Romania MoneyBlog 468
Philippines Social Media Philippines 470 twitter.com/robangeles
Japan iA Notebook 477
Germany eWritings 483

  51 Responses to “Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country”

  1. This is great list, lot of work around hein!
    In case you want to update
    Australia – www.marketingeasy.net | twitter is @lucio_ribeiro
    .-= lucio ribeiro´s last blog ..Social Media Resistance – Breaking the Shell =-.

  2. Hi Gary. I visit the AdAge Power 150 from time to time. It’s a nice way to keep-up with what some popular websites are blogging about (rather than clog my RSS reader, which can easily take up too much time every day). Cheers for mentioning my little blog (once Scottish, now Irish).
    .-= David Airey´s last blog ..The “I Love New York” logo =-.

  3. This is a very impressive list. AdAge is a brilliant resource and one of the first places I check for the latest goings-on in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


  4. HI Gary. Thanks for taking the time to prepare this extensive and useful list. Not until about last week that found I have made it to the Power 150. Needless to say that I was very excited about it as I have seen my work getting rewarded. This is always a very good feeling and motivates us to move on. Thanks for the mention of my blog too.
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #2 =-.

  5. Cool, my last two posts have gotten 151 retweets! Aug Reality Biz Mods twurl.nl/jbyjb5 Top Mkt blogs by Nation twurl.nl/iptvur

  6. I like to think of my blog as “duel nationality” as whilst I reside in Poland most of the time, my business is really UK.

    Adage doesn’t have that option.

    Another thing to point out are the bugs in the Adage system. They frequently have problems with feed counts for instance, and don’t seem to cache values form one day to the next in case there is a problem.
    .-= Andy Beard´s last blog ..Feedburner Feedsmith WP2.8.4 & Caching =-.

  7. Wow… thanks for the great list Gary!

    Greetings from Finland!

    .-= Andrea Vascellari´s last blog ..[Report] for September 17th 2009 – AndreaVascellari.com =-.

  8. How much time did you have to put in to collate this excellent resource? Like the other commenters here, I’ve found some great info by going through the AdAge Power 150 list, yet it can be a bit of a time-suck. This breakdown is getting bookmarked – one of best resource lists I’ve seen, cheers!
    .-= Danny Brown´s last blog ..Making Twitter Sticky =-.

  9. Bit weird that England and Great Britain are separate entities on the list. Since England is part of Great Britain I wonder how they made the distinction between which is a popular English blog and which is a popular British blog? 😕
    .-= Lisa Hartwell´s last blog ..Nurture Your Creativity with Some Inspiring Podcasts =-.

  10. Hi, Thanks for mentioning me on your list. The twitter feed related to my blog renaissance chambara @r_c

    Best regards,


  11. Thanks all for the comments! For those who asked I have added your twitter link (even though it was only the top 250 originally!). I am so kind 🙂

    Andy, Lisa – Yes odd that Euro, GB and England are separate…also that you may be a national of one country but blog with reference to one you live in exclusively? Part of the reason for doing this was to highlight that. Suspect that may change now?! *looks at todd and charlie*

    Danny – thanks for compliment. It only took 30 mins or so to do the number crunching & formatting. Most time was finding a few twitter links and then getting tables working for wordpress – as it always is! The little things…

    The rest, please send twitter links and I will add – I want to follow you too! gary@personalizemedia.com might be better than comments.

  12. Nicely done, that list must have taken quite some time to sort, thanks. (Ps – you can find Swedes adland twittering at – what else – twitter,.com/adland and Mea Cupa twittering at twitter.com/kullin )

  13. Wow! You really did some digging there! I guess we in the Philippines are waaaayyyyyy behind you guys. Excellent job!

  14. Wow. Great resource!

    I noted that you had put the wrong Twitter account besides my Blog. The right one for Blog of Ronnestam from Sweden is: twitter.com/ronnesam

    thank’s again for posting this!
    .-= Johan Ronnestam´s last blog ..TEDxStockholm and Tales of Passion =-.

  15. Hi Johan – all fixed. Sorry about that! Thanks for the comment 🙂
    .-= Gary Hayes´s last blog ..Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country =-.

  16. And thank you for taking care of it at the speed of light!

    Rock on!
    .-= Johan Ronnestam´s last blog ..TEDxStockholm and Tales of Passion =-.

  17. Thanks for putting this together and for the mention. In case you’re interested, the Twitter for Spinning Around is twitter.com/seventyseven
    .-= James Gordon-MacIntosh´s last blog ..A BUNCH OF PHOTOGRAPHY-RELATED BITS =-.

  18. Thanks Gary for all the hard work on this list. Twitter for The Inspiration Room is @inspirationroom.
    .-= Duncan´s last blog ..The Australian Think Again =-.

  19. Thanks Gary for creating such a huge list..Nice to see myself in that list 😉
    .-= Typhoon´s last blog ..5 Tips to Save your Precious Time when Writing a Post =-.

  20. Oh by the way, the twitter account of Social Media Philippines is twitter.com/robangeles. I made another column in my Seesmic for the AdAge people. Really like it.
    .-= Rob Angeles´s last blog ..Businesses Are Hesitant About Social Media =-.

  21. You put a lot of time into this!! I would be curious to see just how the percentage of non-us users grow over the next few months.
    .-= Rocky´s last blog ..Country Music Artists: From Selling Songs to Selling Brands =-.

  22. I’m so surprised that Indians are really bloggers, even beating the European countries.

  23. Why would that be surprising? That the worlds largest democracy has some fine bloggers strikes me as quite logical. (Don’t forget India with their 1bn+ population must have more bright bulbs in any subject than say, Swedens 9 million hehe)
    .-= Dabitch´s last blog ..Varun D Jani Fine Jewellery: Seeing Is Believing (Print/Poster, India) =-.

  24. G’day Gary,

    Only came across this today via a circuitous route – my blog isn’t showing links in these days for some reason and I can’t be arsed finding out why…

    I’m pleasantly surprised to be still in the Aussie league, considering how randomly I blog these days, but that aside, if you could add my twitter account that would be fab: twitter.com/leehopkins.

    Cheers, chap; we must coffee when I next get to Sydney — I am in profound need of your sagacity regarding my stalled and bogged doctoral research.


  25. Nice to see the amount of countries powering the adage 150
    .-= Mobile Blog´s last blog ..Apple Strikes Back: May Release iPhone 8gb 3GS to Fight Droid this Christmas =-.

  26. Hey Gary,
    Great post, thanks for taking the time to break it all down! I’ve had this favourited in twitter for almost a month, ready to read, and very glad that I finally got around to it! 🙂

    Hope to catch up one of these days!

    • @Aden Hepburn, Hi Aden, yes good that Aussie blogs are doing so well overall being such a small (20million) country 🙂 I am updating the Aussie top 20-30 list on AdAge every week now here on this blog so you might want to keep that bookmarked?

      Love Digital Buzz too btw – in my main feed window, nice to see a media blog without all the ‘territorial’ nonsense! Cheers

  27. Hello there!

    Thanks for that, great list…but it seems that you forgot www.netfro​ntiermarke​ting.com ,which is more popular than most canadian blogs listed.. 🙄

    thanks to update … 😉

  28. Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country bit.ly/PLblZ

  29. daligoldtweetz: Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country bit.ly/PLblZ ff.im/cQIuL

  30. Gary,

    Thanks for including the Digital Marketing Inner Circle (www.sinotechblog.com.cn) in your list (China).

    Can you please add our communities twitter id: @marketingchina

    Thanks for the mention.
    .-= Matt McDougall´s last blog ..Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile =-.

  31. RT @TopsyRT: Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country bit.ly/3wLPcy

  32. RT @TopsyRT: Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country bit.ly/3wLPcy (via @_McLaughlin)

  33. RT @TBMarketingBuzz: RT @TopsyRT: Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country bit.ly/3wLPcy (via @_McLaughlin)

  34. Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country: bit.ly/2gwCL5

  35. This is a comprehensive list and I hope people do more than just look at it as it is very important in terms of outside perspective. I hope people visit these blogs and read them to get a perspective from the outside…as it is often more truthful and unbiased.

  36. Interesting summary of the top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country. We're still in there at 26 lc.tl/top175

  37. RT @andrewgrill: Interesting summary of the top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country. We're still in there at 26 lc.tl/top175

  38. RT @AndrewGrill: Interesting summary of the top 175 (non US) Media and Mktg Blogs by Country. We're still in there at 26 lc.tl/top175

  39. Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country. lc.tl/top175 (via @Geerlinde) – ik neem het wel met een korreltje zout 🙂

  40. Thank you very much for sharing useful list. Keep posting.

  41. Archive: : Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country t.co/kTQrxpUS

  42. Archive: : Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country t.co/kTQrxpUS

  43. Archive: : Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country t.co/kTQrxpUS

  44. Archive: : Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country t.co/kTQrxpUS

  45. Archive: : Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country t.co/kTQrxpUS

  46. Archive: : Top 175 (non US) Media and Marketing Blogs by Country t.co/kTQrxpUS

  47. Thank you for sharing this list.

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